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GPNA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Call to Order–7:30pm. President’s Introduction. Voting Items. Treasurer’s Update: Proposal to amend the budget from “Mothball” to “community event” since no one in the community has stepped up to lead Mothball efforts this year. Next month, GPNA will share some ideas for the community event. The July Income Statement can be found on GPNA’s Google Drive.

Public Official Update

Michael Ulmer, Chief of Staff for Councilmember Jason Winston attended the meeting for an introduction. Office: 404-330-6039, Cell: 770-689-7810, Email: Council Member Jason Winston also attended to share some updates. There is also a new communications director. People can sign up for the new District 1 newsletter and find resources/information on the new District 1 website, A few updates include: APD Zone 6 using an ACE special unit that goes after car larcenies that will patrol the neighborhood overnight to suppress crime across the area. Council has been on recess for the last three weeks, so priority has been being out and around the area to meet constituents. Prioritize cleaning up trees throughout Grant Park following some of the severe storms last week. An RFP went out to bid for the space in the zoo parking deck; no one bid on the building; attribute to inflation, interest rates, etc. Procurement and Parks & Recreation have partnered with Invest Atlanta which will kick in financial tools to help restaurateurs by offering a portion of the financing to build out the space. More updates to come.

Deputy Commissioner of Atlanta DOT; notice to proceed issued for the design team. Should have a timeline of milestones by the end of the week to share. One of the changes with the contract is that the design team will need to do community engagement after reaching 10% of the design phase (previously 50%); no timeline yet, but more to come soon. ATL DOT is also looking at doing two temporary hawk signals over Boulevard near CVS and Delmar Avenue.

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety: APD Zone 6 & Fire Station 10 Update – Lt. Cappel, Zone 6 Day Watch Commander, The 240 Grant Street complex has been targeted heavily over the last few days. Home Street, Mead Street, Kelly Street, Sidney Street, and Robinson Avenue have also been targeted areas. Zone 6 is doing heavy investigating and following up on all the leads. There is a lot of video evidence and fingerprints to go off of, so the investigation is ongoing. Captain Graham has asked all 3 watches to step up patrol in the area, so neighbors will see more officers. 

Summary of Meeting with Major Webster, Zone 6 Commander – The neighborhood safety chairs from Zone 6 have a quarterly meeting with Major Webster. She was happy to announce she has new officers on the Zone 6 team. Even though APD is understaffed, they’re bringing new officers on the team. 

NPU Public Safety Committee Joint Meetings – Now on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm, Zoom; log in at NPU-W. This might change again, but GPNA will share on the calendar if it does. 

South River Forest & Public Safety Training Center Community Task Force – The full report can be found on that link. It’s a very comprehensive study that committees worked on for the last 3-4 months.

Upcoming Events: Summer Shade – 8/26-6/27. House in the Park – 9/3. APS Cross Country Meets – GPNA hasn’t heard of events in the park this year, but will keep the community updated. Dessert Festival – There was an application for this event, but some issues with the site plan that GPNA asked the event promoter to address. Joan P. Garner Walk & Health Fair – 10/7; free event. If anyone is interested in additional information, contact Jessica Corbitt at

Voting Item: Public Safety – Bottle Shop Change of Agent Application; this is an administrative change that will go to the NPU general meeting next week. GPNA made a recommendation for approval. There are two applications for retail spirits and separate for beer and wine. Alcohol Permit – Grant Park Bar & Grill; agreed to defer from this month’s NPU and will instead be included in the September meeting. Sheriff’s office was at Grant Park Bar & Grill evicting them from the property today, according to neighbors.

Item Two – Technology & Communication: Website Refresh – Pushed the redesigned site live at

Item Three – Transportation: Community Impact Grant – Grant Park was one of three neighborhood associations that received this grant through the city via the NPU. This year’s grant is for wayfinding signs for all the NPU neighborhoods and pedestrian maps. 

Community Items

Alisa Chambers, Grant Park Conservancy attended on behalf of Summer Shade Festival. The footprint will be the same as last year, 8/26-8/27 Saturday 10-10 pm and Sunday 11-6 pm. Neighbors interested in volunteering can sign up for a shift at

Approval of the July Minutes. New Business. Adjournment – 8:30pm.GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory: Visit www.HYPERLINK “”

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