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By Jennifer Thompson
The Ormewood Dog Yard is sponsoring a drive to support PAWS Atlanta, the city’s oldest and one of the few true no-kill shelter and rescue agencies in Georgia. Located in Decatur, PAWS Atlanta provides pet adoptions, a wellness clinic, veterinary services, low-cost spay/neuter services, discount health preventatives, pet dentals, a pet food bank, summer camps, and volunteer and foster opportunities. The 2017 number of canine and feline intakes and adoptions topped 923 adoptions to 954 intakes.
Ever wanted to foster but can’t commit due to work schedules, vacations, or myriad other reasons? This drive both supports and brings attention to PAWS Atlanta’s Summer Lovin’ program. Summer Lovin’ is a short-term foster program that helps get pups out of shelters into loving homes for as little as a day or as long as a weekend. These animals get stressed in the shelter. It’s been shown that taking these stressed animals out helps them start to relax and recover.
Perhaps you’re looking for a potential family member at a shelter, but there’s no eye contact. The animal pants incessantly, flinches at the touch, or growls for what appears to be no reason. So, you turn and walk away. It’s not you. It’s not them. It’s the situation.
The noise, confusion, and stark conditions of a shelter, even up-to-date facilities with beds and attached runs, simply cannot provide relief for the canine pack animal. There is no place to den and feel safe. There is no relief from the lights and sounds.
Consequently, the Summer Lovin’ program is an excellent way to help these stressed animals recover and become “more themselves.” The program provides each foster pup and all supplies needed for the foray. This includes a leash, collar, dog bowls, treats, harness, food, toys, treats, and a crate. 
The Ormewood Dog Yard drive starts Monday, April 9, and lasts through Memorial Day weekend, Monday, May 28. Donation bins will be placed at different locations in the Porch Press area, including Park Pet Supply, the Ormewood Church Fellowship Hall, Ormewood Dog Yard, Ormewood Animal Hospital, Homestead Realtors, and East Lake Pharmacy, with additional locations to be determined. In addition to supplies, online financial contributions can be dedicated to different packages provided for day or weekend outings, adoptions, or general needs.
For cat-loving readers, rest assured that while the Summer Lovin’ program is for canine orphans, PAWS Atlanta also cares for feline hopefuls. The numbers above of successful adoptions vs. intakes reflect both canine and feline adoptees.
Reach out to find out where you can contribute or help by emailing or contacting PAWS Atlanta directly at 770-593-1155 or

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