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Getting It Right: Volunteer

By Henry Bryant

The Porch Press makes an effort to get it right. Spelling? Grammar? Typos? Continuity? and even Libel? Our first (and sometimes last) line of defense is our Proofing Director. We are in need of a new one right now. Before the pandemic, a group of proofing volunteers met each month to proof all of the copy twice. That has been a little more hit and miss recently, since the proofing session became virtual and the proofing fell to volunteer Sansanee Sermprungsuk. She has decided that now is the time to pass on her proofer’s pencil to someone else. If you have an inner English teacher trying to get out and have an hour or two to give to your community each month, this volunteer job may be for you. This is not editing and calls for someone who likes finding the odd mistake. There are other volunteers who would like to get back to the group meetings once we are safe from Covid. At that point it will be a good way to meet a few of your neighbors. Even now, the task could be shared virtually. For more information or to volunteer contact editor Lyn Hillman at or 404-819-1882.

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