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General Safety Issues for This Time of Year

By Chris Newman

With the time change and shorter daylight hours, this is a good time to observe and report any lights out in your area of the neighborhood.

For street lights on WOODEN POLES: Go to OR call 888-660-5890. Most poles have an ID number on them; providing this number helps the repair crew if you note this in your report.

For lights on METAL POLES (such as the ones combined with traffic signals): File a 311 report.

For both reports, comment on whether the light is out or if it is cycling off and on. Most of the new LED lights are completely replaced. The old incandescent ones involve a different repair (either a bulb replacement or photo cell replacement).

APD recommends that residents do not hire persons they do not know to do yard work such as raking leaves.

Remember to activate your home alarm when going out. Monitored alarms must be registered with the city through the CRY WOLF program. Remove all packages from your vehicle as quickly as possible. Do not leave valuables in the car and do not leave a spare set of keys in the console. NEVER leave an unattended vehicle running.

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