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Feel Good Shopping

By Lauren Hise
There are many things about shopping consignment stores that make me feel good. The recycling issue is high on my list. I just hate to waste anything, including money, and who doesn’t like getting a good deal. That is my favorite thing to do!
Every car I’ve ever bought was previously owned. I figure let someone else buy it new, eat the initial new car expense, and then when I buy it a year later gently used with low mileage, I get it for half price! If half price is an option, I can’t understand why anyone would ever choose to pay full price. Plus, I like nice, high-quality things and just can’t afford to pay full price. I can buy almost-new designer items for the same price as brand-new department store items. Buying clothes, toys, and furniture used is not much different than a car. You can blow all your money on brand new, or spend less money buying previously owned higher quality items, and more of them! Almost all the furniture in my home was previously displayed. Much of my family’s clothing was previously worn, and most of my son’s toys were previously played with. This makes me feel proud and savvy. It’s a lifestyle for me, and a fun hobby, kind of a non-stop scavenger hunt.
A song that promotes secondhand shopping called “Thrift Shop” recently became popular. The lyrics state that if you paid $50 for a tee shirt you got swindled, pimped, and tricked. And then on top of it you will have the same shirt on as six other people when you go out, and that will not help you pick up women. The song is funny, but so true. When I shop retail, I feel duped. It’s not fun to wear what everyone else is wearing, furnish your home with generic Rooms-to-Go items, and worst of all pay full price. There is no wisdom or fun in that. I get a rush when I find a bargain price on something unique. It’s a rush that I can’t get at Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, or JC Penney. I don’t feel good shopping in those stores, because I know I’m paying more than I need to, and will most likely end up spending more than I can afford. It’s super fun to discover a rare treasure, and I love to show off those unique items that aren’t found main stream, all the while knowing I got an unbeatable price. That is what makes shopping enjoyable to me.
Let’s recycle the recycling issue, because it is important for us, but more so for our children. When we purchase used, we are helping our children’s environment by keeping those items out of landfills and preventing another from going into production. We each play a part in the reduction of waste, child labor, fuel, and much more. I am proud to do my part in helping our environment (and my pockets) by recycling, and thus supporting our local economy. Recycling is pretty easy, and shopping consignment is super fun. Oh, and did I mention you can make money by consigning too!?
Baby Love is a maternity and children’s consignment boutique serving expectant parents and children through size 5. Boomerang sells kids, juniors, and women’s consignment and locally made treasures. They are both located at 465 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. More information can be found at or

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