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Farewell to “Boulderbeast” and the 2015 East Atlanta Corner Project

By Carlen Hultgren
The East Atlanta Corner Project, on the corner of Flat Shoals and Bouldercrest Roads, is being decommissioned and dismantled for the season. Funded as a Tactical Urbanism initiative, it was always meant to be temporary.
The focus of Tactical Urbanism is “short-term action for long-term change.” Projects like these can facilitate the planning process and increase the flow of communication between citizens and government. They allow the community to build low-cost amenities themselves in the short term and, by the community demonstrating its value through its use, can justify further long-term investment in facility or equipment upgrades.
The planters in the Corner Project are coming down because the weather is getting cooler and the season for growing has come to an end. “Boulderbeast,” as the colorful dragon made out of recycled tires was affectionately named, has also been disassembled. It had been considered a safety hazard.
The project served its purpose in getting neighbors and local government working together for a common good, one small project at a time. With proposals for a playground, pop-up bar, outdoor movie screen, and a dog park suggested for this project, hopefully the neighborhood will see more of these community-based projects in East Atlanta in the months to come.

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