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Everybody Loves a Parade

Lanterns Dwarf Celebrators Below. Photo by Lori Van Voorhis

By Lori Van Voorhis
By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about the collaboration between Recycle EAV and EACA, which will be bringing you a three-day Earth Day festival like nothing you’ve ever seen. You may have also heard some talk about lanterns, and a parade. You may want to know more, which makes this your lucky day!
On Thursday, April 19, right at the closing of the year’s first farmer’s market, the festival kicks off with a wishing lantern launch. Often seen on Chinese New Year, weddings, or during other significant events, wishing lanterns float into the sky like tiny hot air balloons, carrying the hopes and dreams of the person releasing it. The lanterns are large enough to be launched by two people (especially if there are children involved) and burn completely up in the atmosphere, leaving no litter behind. Do you have a wish for the neighborhood? Come get a lantern and set your dream in motion.
You may purchase your wish lantern at the April EACA meeting on Tuesday, April 10, or at the farmer’s market on the day of the launch. Lanterns are $5, or 3 for $10. All proceeds benefit your Community Association and its programs.
Once the wishes have floated away, the Vauxhall Gardens Variety Players, along with special guests from The Imperial OPA, HoopEssence, and Turnin’ Trixx, will lead us in a lit up lantern parade of epic proportions through the Village and down to Brownwood Park.
If you don’t have a lantern, come by one of our two lantern-making workshops and create your masterpiece. The first workshop will be held Thursday April 12, in the back of the Farmer’s Market lot from 5:00 to 8:00pm. The second workshop will take place during the Farmer’s Market on the 19. Some materials will be provided. Feel free to bring your own, as well as your imagination. You will need a battery operated light source for your lantern. Some may be available for purchase at the workshops, but supplies are limited.
Once the Parade has wound its way to the park, you will be treated to more fantastical performances from the entertainers listed above, in preparation for the launch of the first of EACA’s Movies in the park series. Films are provided this month by Studio Outpost and will feature local artists and films.
The Earth Day festivities will continue on Saturday with the “education” portion of the event, featuring workshops, recycling stations, park tours, story hour, a craft fair, and two awesome swaps.
Learn about everything from making biodiesel to composting, along with story hours, seed swaps, and walking tours on Saturday, April 21. The exact schedule will be posted next week.
In addition to having Saturday drop-off stations in the farmer’s market for light bulbs, paint, electronics, cell phones, and eyeglasses, we’ll also be facilitating the yearly tire roundup.
Contact before April 21 with the location of tires that need to be picked up, or drop tires off at Armor Tire, 1326 Glenwood Avenue, SE, from 9am to 12:00pm on April 21. Armor is on Glenwood Avenue at Haas Avenue next to Holy Taco.
Our freecycling will also include a free yard sale where you can drop off your gently used goodies and pick up your very own treasures from what others have left behind. Books, working electronics, household items, and more will be accepted.
If you have clothing to swap, be sure to head over to the East Side Lounge for a clothing swap of epic proportions. You can either bring your gently worn items with you to the event, or you can drop them off in advance during next month’s EACA meeting, 7:00pm at Brannen Towers.
As with the freecycle table, all leftovers will be donated to charity.
This is a great free event for all ages, and we hope to see you there. For questions, email
See you there!

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