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Ebikes! The Fountain of Youth?

By Homer Hammonds
Well, that statement may be a stretch. But in my humble opinion, ebikes come pretty close, and are indeed. Life-changing.
A few years ago, I noticed my health declining as we embarked on a trip to Tanzania. I wasn’t as active as I’d liked to be. When we got back to the states, I sought a solution to my sedentary dilemma.
I had a gym membership before and didn’t go much because it’s too much of a production. I don’t like walking the neighborhood because It’s just not much fun. Maybe even a bit too slow. I don’t know what made me think of ebikes, but I found this startup on Indegogo called Sondors and the rest is history. I took a chance on the bikes being produced and they were a success. The company has delivered more than 30,000 bikes to date, and I think it’s the second most successful campaign in Indegogo history.
Now. As we all know our neighborhood is changing rapidly with new businesses and residences. The Beacon, a bowling alley, Publix, restaurants bars and coffee houses. What better way to get around than an electric bike?
  An ebike is a bicycle with electric assistance in the form of pedal assist, and or a throttle. Pedal assist is a level from 1 to 5. 1 being hardest and 5 easiest to pedal. The throttle, much like the accelerator in a car, is twisted like a motorcycle or thumb operated.
The price for an ebike varies from about $1,000 to about $5,000, with the average about $1,800 for most. The average buyer is over 40 but younger riders are discovering the advantages of electric transportation. Like no license needed. No parking fees. No car note. Social connectivity. No Insurance. And the prices are becoming more competitive and affordable.
I can’t explain the absolute joy it is to ride one, but there’s this thing called the ebike smile. It’s the feeling you had when you got your first bike. Mobility unbound. A feeling of new found freedom and adventure.
What would I like to see here in Grant Park? Ebikes everywhere. For everyone needs this joy. Like Peachtree City and golf carts maybe? It’s good for the environment, and a healthy peace of mind. As the world is changing from fossil fuels to clean electric. Do some research and join the electric wave as we ride into the future and a healthier tomorrow. As always, Be well. Be Love.

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