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East Atlanta’s Adopt-A-Street Program Commences

By Steve Devore 
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The East Atlanta Adopt-A-Street Program has begun.  The program allows individuals, groups, and organizations to “adopt” street sections, which they will maintain through monthly trash removal and pick-up.
Commencement of the Program follows roughly a year of planning and negotiations between representatives of the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA) and the City of Atlanta Department of Public Works.  The city will use East Atlanta’s program – the first of its kind in Atlanta – as the pilot for future implementation of similar programs throughout the rest of the city.
EACA President Kevin Spigener, who spearheaded development of the program, says more than 35 street sections have already been adopted.  Each section will be marked by a sign, which will include the city’s Adopt-A-Street panel as well as EACA’s panel identifying the adopters. Residents will soon see signs sprouting up throughout East Atlanta naming such adopters as Branan Towers, Friends of Flat Shoals, Bungalow Row, Newton Rocks, The Braeburn Family, and Burgess Peterson Academy PTA!
The City of Atlanta has agreed to provide their portion of the sign and to install the signs.  The city will also be providing each adopting group with 10 safety vests, 10 pairs of leather gloves, and rolls of trash bags.  Up to 65 of EACA’s sign panels have been funded by a grant from the East Atlanta Foundation, proceeds of the East Atlanta Beer Fest, and a generous donation from Ms. Tori LaConsay.
Mr. Loren King, Interim Safety Manager with the Department of Public Works, has completed training for five East Atlanta Safety Trainers:  Mr. Spigener, Mr. Alan Claghorn, Ms. Moko Moone, Mr. Ted Bradford, and Ms. Tabitha Mason-Elliot.  One of the trainers will conduct an on-site safety session with each adopter before they begin clean-up duties.  In addition, Ms. Mason-Elliot will be the Program Coordinator, and she also has agreed to serve as Chair of EACA’s newly formed Adopt-A-Street Committee.
While more than 35 street sections have already been adopted, there are many more still available!  Those interested in adopting are encouraged to visit EACA’s website,   From the home page, select “committees”, and then “Adopt-A-Street”.  Further details about the program are provided, as well as a sample agreement and an application form.

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