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EACA Monthly Meeting Minutes

– Meeting opened at 7:06 PM
–Welcome, new members, officer “hello”
– Reminder about post-meeting social event tonight at The Argosy
– Tony can help new members sign up for membership
– January minutes approved (February meeting was cancelled)
– 2014 budget approved

  • . Ralph explained budget process, expenditures vs. obligated funds

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Trey and Houston
– Southeast Atlanta Faith Collaborative started 3 years ago, comprises 10 congregations in Grant           Park, SAND, East Atlanta
– Collaboration between churches and community-based organizations

  • . Including neighborhood associations in NPU W; already presented to SAND and Grant Park Neighborhood Association

–Birthed out of “asset-based community development” (ABCD).we already have a lot of the    resources we need to address challenges within the community
– As a group, sharing what activities are already underway (and siloed), and identifying new opportunities
– Two areas of focus:

  • . Creating a paper directory of resources for community care, including children/education, adult job training, mental health, etc.

. Paper directories will be available at local churches, coffee shops, etc.
. Directory will also be available online at

  • -Volunteer-staffed hotline to take calls from the community and guide community members towards resources

-How to help

  • . Help SAFC know what resources are available
  • . Help spread the word

Green Space Advocacy, Scott Peterson
– DeKalb County has enormous green spaces that are untapped
– Mt. Arabia Heritage Association has grown to 2500 acres

  • . The association is receiving grants for paths and other public / green space offerings

.           In East Atlanta, this could include the South River Trail, Entrenchment Creek, and Sugarloaf Creek

  • Why look at creeks and rivers?

.           –In DeKalb County, you can’t develop adjacent to creeks and rivers, so trail space might be    available
– What can we do?

  • . Let our elected officials know we want to develop these resources

.           –Kathy Gannon, running for re-election
–Lee May

  • We have to “invest in green space”
  • . Go on a hike with Scott (or Joe Peery)

.                       – 404.368.6700
.                       -Plan to wear boots, the hikes are moderately rugged
.                      -Scott will be giving a talk at Mt. Arabia on May 3rd around avoiding Lyme disease
– Prison Farm (300 acres) is endangered by dumping, crime

  • . Need City of Atlanta attention to make best use of the area—urban gardening, sports fields, paths, etc.
  • . Chastain Park used to be Fulton County prison farm

– Moreland Avenue has some of the highest concentration of closed landfills in the US; Georgia State Assembly took action to bar further landfills
– Q&A

  • . Jeanne asked if Scott could send out a petition
  • . Scott said he’d prefer that folks call their representatives, spread the word
  • . New resident asked about a cheat sheet for calling elected officials

–Public Safety Update,
– Lieutenant Floyd (APD)

  • . Residential burglary issues from end of 2013 have been a priority in 2014; burglaries are down so far this year

.                       –Gang Unit has been involved, as some of the burglaries are associated with gang activity
–Increased traffic patrols on Flat Shoals and Glenwood; mass checkpoints at target areas
— Captain Meers (DeKalb)

  • . Captured 3 perpetrators involved in string of burglaries; South and East precincts and APD all levied charges
  • . Rolling out ~200 take-home cars to officers, more visibility in the neighborhood

– East Atlanta / DeKalb 360 Security Patrol, Myron Polster

  • . Increasing patrol activity in the evenings, looking for more members to help defray these costs
  • . Even if you’re not a member, call EASP (404.954.1568) when calling in an issue to the police (after calling the police)
  • . Q&A

.                       –Are there things to look out for / trends?
– Most events between 7-10 PM (shift change)
— How much does it cost to join EASP?
– $50/quarter
–Areas close to I-20 have 80% of the burglaries (Braeburn Circle, Clifton)
– Safety tips, Ed Gilgor

  • . Use strike plates to make it harder to kick in a door
  • . DeKalb County Court Watch
  • . Community can act to keep priority criminals behind bars

. Q&A

  • . Jack asked if someone is arrested in COA – DeKalb, does he get prosecuted in DeKalb or Fulton?

– Depends on the charge
– Movement to get more full-time prosecution help in DeKalb (one part-time prosecutor for all of DeKalb)

  • Scott mentioned that lots of mental health hospitals have been shut down, and local Sheriff’s offices are bogged down with mental health patients

— Elena Parent, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 42
– Started political career in 2010, one of 15 Democratic candidates to unseat sitting Republican legislator
– Redistricting resulted in merged district with another Democratic politician, Scott Holcomb;Elena gave up her seat to avoid contentious primary
– Executive Director, Georgia Watch

  • . Consumer advocacy organization focused on issues like healthcare, civil justice, fair lending, fair utility rates, clean energy options

– Current State Senator Jason Carter has decided to run for governor, opened up a seat
– Issues

  • . Transportation, education, and healthcare

.                       –75% of students aren’t in school for a full calendar year (180 days)
–Georgia has the 5th highest uninsured population (650,000)
– Primary election is May 20th
EABA Reform
– EACA and EABA have been discussing joining forces with EABA becoming a “Development” committee
under EACA
– Send any questions or thoughts to
East Atlanta Village Farmers Market, Lolly Beck-Pancer
– The market reopens on April 10th
– My Market program for new participants continues this year
– Expanding community outreach—chef’s demos, puppet shows
– Building ongoing partnerships, hosting monthly events with various organizations
– Double food stamps, as well as accepting cash, credit, and debit
Lauren Clayton, City of Atlanta Assistant Solicitor
– Prosecute misdemeanors (e.g., traffic tickets, disorderly conduct) as well as code enforcement
– Quality of Life officers
– Send any questions or complaints to Lauren
Committee Updates
– Parks, Susie Aquino

  • . Hosted 1st annual Mardi Gras potluck
  • . Volunteer park cleanup workday coming up 3/16, 12-3 PM in the south end of Brownwood Park

o   . New monthly “Stewardship Sunday”, 1st Sunday after EACA meeting each month

  • . Fringe Festival coming up on April 12th, art scavenger hunt in Brownwood Park
  • .

– Education, Lewis Cartee

  • . Lots of activity of late in the Jackson Cluster aimed at improving middle school education in East Atlanta

– Neighbor in Need, Jeff Whitehouse

  • . Annual poker tournament coming up on March 29th at 10 AM
  • . $50 entry, $500 grand prize, other prizes from local businesses

– Membership, Paige Heurtin

  • . Ongoing membership drive, targeting 150 new members (10 so far)
  • . Sign up tonight or online

o   . $10 per household
o   . Accept cash or credit
o   . P.O. Box 18366

  • Logo / branding process

o   Planning to present the updated logo / branding at April meeting
o   . Yard signs to follow

  • Membership social event last Friday at the Argosy to celebrate book release

o   . Bound to Be Read book signing on 3/22
o   . Author talk at 3:30 PM on 3/29 at East Atlanta Library
– Events, Jeanne Fore

  • . 1st Bar Out at the Argosy after the meeting
    • . Goal of the Bar Outs will be to raise funds in collaboration with local businesses
  • 1st 2014 Brownwood Frolic will be Saturday, April 12th

— Announcements
– Georgia Rides to the Capital is a cycling advocacy event on 3/18; rides start from Roswell and Decatur

  • . Jack is organizing a group ride from East Atlanta to Decatur, meeting at 10 AM at the planter at the corner of Flat Shoals and Glenwood

– Joe Peery will be putting together a regular bike ride to explore local paths, trails, and green spaces

  • . Email Joe at with ideas or to join

–. Closing
– Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM

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