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EACA Monthly Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Call to order at 7:05pm.

Announcements: EACA President Sarah Kuehn

MLK Jr. Day of Service: Jeanne Fore, Monday, January 18, cleanup starting at 11:00am. Children welcome. Masks required. More info at Please bring your own tools, such as rakes and shovels. EACA will get trash and lawn bags. If you know of other areas in the neighborhood that need cleaning, contact Jeanne.

New committee pilot program: Community Service, Coordinate future community service events between local groups and EACA committee initiatives [Neighbor in Need, EAKC, Branan Towers, and community support drives (clothing, food, blood, etc.) Contact Sarah at if you’d like to join this committee.

EACA also needs an additional Porch Press volunteer to serve a three-year term.

Winter holiday decorating contest winners: Winners have been announced and their prizes being delivered.

New members: EACA is considering starting an unincorporated DeKalb committee.

State/City/County Elected Officials:

Representative Bee Nguyen (House District 89): She notes there is increased security at the state capitol and that is making the legislative session uncertain, along with Covid. They need to pass a budget by July. Other important topics are the K-12 education budget and voucher issues, the Covid liability immunity bill in the workplace, voting issues including changes to absentee voting and signature match protocol and an effort to eliminate ballot drop boxes. She wants to repeal the citizen’s arrest law. She also wants to adjust the rules for voting by those released from prison.

Councilwoman Natalyn Mosby Archibong (City of Atlanta, District 5): Legislative item of interest is in the pipeline: Creation of a Public Safety and Wellness Department, an organizational structure that allows for emergency and nonemergency functions to be handled efficiently. They will be looking for community feedback on how to reorganize policing.  She also has introduced legislation to do away with the $1,000 fine for late renewal of alcohol licenses. Ralph G notes that Natalyn/city donated more than $9,000 to EACA.

Bill G asks for update on Ormewood Forest initiative. A) She wants to set up a meeting to work on details of city acquisition of the land. She estimates the deal may close in April but will check. Bill is hoping to get volunteers into the area to remove ivy and save trees.

Nancy H notes street sweepers arrived too late to Village this morning, so cars prevented them from cleaning the streets properly. Natalyn says she’ll work on this.

Steve asks about watershed trash issues. Natalyn says she’ll work on this with Carla Smith and get back to him.

Ed G thanks Natalyn for helping after Post Office removed a collection box. The box was returned in about 24 hours. Natalyn thanks Ed and neighbors for alerting her to the problem and telling her who to talk to and get the problem fixed.

Nate M asks about Council initiatives regarding small businesses. A) Invest Atlanta is looking at loans to restaurants and bars. Natalyn is working lobbying Wells Fargo to create grant program or low-interest loans. She notes city revenues are going to be down because of lost hotel and alcohol taxes because of Covid. But she is looking for other ways to find dollars.

Brandon Fields from Commissioner Larry Johnson’s office (DeKalb County): There will be an event to discuss illegal street racing. See info in the chat. Natalyn notes she and area residents will need help from Johnson on distribution logistics of the Covid vaccine.

Zone 6 Update Lt. Sokloski: Jeanne F asks if APD can do anything about mail theft, although she knows it’s a federal crime. A: They are going to start working on that next week. He suggests people take outgoing mail to the post office.

Special Guests

Trees Atlanta – Travys Harper (5 mins.): They are looking for participants in the new Rain Garden Program to partner with Georgia Power to address storm-water issues in certain Atlanta watersheds. The gardens will use native plants and Trees Atlanta will maintain them. The intent is to cut down on water pollution. Trees Atlanta Green Infrastructure (Rain Garden) Survey (See other links in chat below.) Madison in forest restoration department. Volunteer opportunities upcoming: Planting at Brownwood Park, Saturday, February 13 from 9:00am-12pm. Need 20-30 volunteers. Sign up in Covid pod pairs if possible because some of the trees are big. Masks mandatory.  Also need volunteers for a planting in Kirkwood, Sat, February 6 from 9:00am-12pm. for more info.

Blessing Bags of Warmth for the Homeless: Sherri and Rose McCoy, they weren’t there but they are collecting supplies. Look for them on Facebook by searching BlessingBagsOfWarmth.

Membership ( Vic Thomas and Chase Miller: EACA Membership Survey: EACA wants to know residents’ priorities and find out how we’re doing so far. The link: Join EACA! And don’t forget to renew. $20 membership (per household); $45 (membership and sign).

Education/Schools Jeanne Fore ( APS School Re-Opening Plan: staggered openings in January in February, but that may change, given that DeKalb has postponed. Pre-k lottery is open, but BPA will not be one of the pre-K schools. Charter school lottery is also open. Go to the district website for more info. Transfer and new registrations will be open later in the year.

Public Safety and Welfare: Myron Polster, EASP update, Kirkwood is shutting its patrol, SAND shut its last year because of financial issues. EASP is facing the same problem, losing members either because people can’t afford it or think they don’t need it because they’re always home. so please join and renew if you are able.

DeKalb County COVID Testing and Vaccinations: Greater Piney Grove is the only testing site in DeKalb. Appointments are required. There will be two vaccination locations. Get more info at the website.

Fundraising and Grants Dawn Rivera ( 2021 NPU-W Impact Grant Ideas: This is the grant NPU has done for several years. Money goes to SAND, Grant Park and EACA. Those organizations jointly decide what to seek money for, NPU then votes and submits the grant application. The 2020 grant was used in part for painting power boxes. Proposals for this year: Nate says the community inventory has been done through the Main Streets program, but this grant could possibly take that further.) Email Dawn at the address above with your ideas. We took a poll to see what people most interested in.

Transportation Karlyn Beer ( Reducing high speeds on Flat Shoals Avenue: she’s working on getting the speed limit signs updated to the new 25 mph law. Call 311 if you’d like to add your voice to requesting that.  Rideshare designated pickup/drop off zones: city is evaluating this, and committee is still working on this with EABA.

Clifton Triangle park improvement grant: a committee member got a grant and is working with DOT to use it in this area.  Committee member has worked up a list of resources about reporting various transportation-related issues. We’ll get this list out to members or up on the EACA website and social media. Transportation is following the 1078 Moreland development.

Land Use and Zoning Karla Causey (SP) ( 1078 Moreland: There will be a neighborhood information session on this project on Wednesday, January 13. EACA is in the process of gathering information. Please attend tomorrow for more. Developers want to annex non-city portion of this tract into the city and then they’ll want to rezone. They want to put more than 150 townhomes on the property. 1560 Flat Shoals, Toll Brothers – plan had been denied based on the project’s layout. The developer appealed to BZA and decision was upheld. Now the developer has taken the issue to superior court. If you have experience with this kind of case, please contact Karla.

East Atlanta Business Association Nate Minor ( (2 mins.): EABA merchandise for sale at It’s membership renewal time.  Rideshare stops is still an issue despite Covid, so he’s glad they are still working on that with Transportation committee.

Treasurer ( Approval Treasurer’s Report- December 2020.

Secretary ( Approval of meeting minutes- December 2020 (

Closing remarks. Next meeting: February 9 at 7:00pm.

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