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EACA Monthly Meeting 7/8/2014

Welcome / New Neighbor Introductions
East Atlanta Farmers Market
Grant Central Pizza
BATL – July 11-21
King Middle School Event
Alcohol License Applications
Parks Committee—Love Your Block Grant
Membership 150 Drawing
Meeting opened at 7:02pm with new attendee introductions. June meeting minutes approved
Mary reminded the group that members in good standing are eligible to vote.
Grant Central Pizza, manager Matt Hill
Grant Central has been in the neighborhood for about 20 years. Matt is the new manager, had been at Grant Park location previously. Talk to him about school fundraisers, etc., they want to partner with the community.
East Atlanta Village Farmers Market update, Dani
Every Thursday, 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Local vendors with produce, bread, meat
BATL update, Tony Crump
150th anniversary commemoration of Battle of Atlanta this year, July 11-21
Battle of Atlanta happened right here in East Atlanta; geographic location coincides with City of Atlanta 5th District. There are two monuments in our neighborhood commemorating 2 fallen generals, one each from North and South. Preserving these monuments is a major focus of BATL, and will be BATL’s primary focus going forward. This could be the last year of BATL events for a while. BATL has been around for 10 years
July 19 events
Children’s storytelling
Next week’s events will include a series of lectures. Partnering with East Atlanta Village Gorilla Theatre. East Atlanta Gorilla Theatre will present productions at Lang Carson center in Reynoldstown on July 11. Take on “Went With the Wind” and “Letters Home From the Front. There will also be a dramatic storytelling event. This year’s theme is “Civil War to Civil Rights”. The Gala/fundraiser on July 12, includes food and dancing. Theatre
July 18, dramatic storytelling at Lang Carson
Author presentations. “What The Yankees Did To Us,” Civil rights presentation by Dean of Social Work at University of Georgia, topic on Donald Lee Hollowell at First Iconium Baptist Church. Battle of Peachtree Creek presentation, Henry and Katina will present on East Atlanta book at Old DeKalb Courthouse
Main events on Saturday, July 19
East Atlanta Village is HQ. There will be cemetery tours, van tours, walking tours, bicycle tours. You can buy tickets online or day-of on July 19. A 5K run/walk on the morning of July 19 starting in Kirkwood and following a “historic” path as much as possible. There will be appearances from Abe Lincoln, Bobby Jones and Scarlett O’Hara. There will be music from the 8th Regiment Band at the Old Fire Station, the Boll Weevils. Find more info on the website ( or Facebook
Steve recognized Tony and Henry for the work they’ve done this year
Laird asked if BATL needs volunteers
Yes, contact Tony if you’re interested in volunteering
DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann
Sheriff Mann took over for Thomas Brown, who stepped down to run for State Senate. He was Assistant County Attorney for 8 years and Chief Deputy for Sheriff Brown. What’s the difference between Sheriff and Police?
In most Georgia counties, there’s only a Sheriff’s office; so typical police activities fall to Sheriff. In 12 most populous counties, Sheriff’s office relinquishes primary policing activities to police departments. The focus is on managing jail, securing courthouse and judges, and serving criminals civil warrants. There is an election coming up in November; run-off on July 22. Early voting is available Monday-Friday, 8 to 5 at 4380 Memorial Drive. DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office has been a beacon of light amidst DeKalb County government’s issues. They have received the Triple Crown accreditation from National Sheriff’s Association for the last 14 years where only 38 out of 3,003 Sheriff’s offices qualify. Sheriff Mann encourages officers to spend their downtime in the community, maintaining high visibility. Undercover officers serving most serious warrants are also in the community
Steve asked where he could get a yard sign to request one (to be delivered)
Scott asked about closing of state hospitals and impact on jail population
5-17% of current populations are on the mental health roster. Sheriff’s Office spends $2.3M on healthcare and $600k on pharmaceuticals for mental health inmates. Jails have no choice when these hospitals close
Ed commended Sheriff Mann for his service
Education update
Burgess-Peterson Academy is bringing back the 5K to the East Atlanta Strut as a fundraiser. Email Lewis at if you know any potential sponsors for the 5k. Coan and King Middle Schools are merging, and will temporarily be housed in Coan while King is remodeled. Luana Slaughter is part of the transition team working with the communities impacted by the transition. She has been an East Lake resident, president of East Lake Security Patrol, a member of Zone 6 Citizens Advisory Council and works for Atlanta Public Schools.
Nearly 20 communities feed King Middle School.
July 22-24
July 22, Community Summerfest, 4:00pm -7:00pm and all residents of a King zone are welcome.
July 23, activities for 6th grade students and families.
July 24, activities for 7th and 8th grade students and families. Come meet Principal Carl Brown, see the school
Ms. Slaughter will provide monthly updates on the transition at EACA meetings
When will construction start?
Scheduled to start in August (school starts August 4th)
Currently working on transportation plans; anticipating 700-750 students
What will be the capacity post-remodeling?
Ms. Slaughter will find out
Prison Farm update, Scott Petersen
With upcoming election, now is a good time to reach out to DeKalb County Commissioners. We’re more than just a collection of landfills, or a borderland between counties; we’re worthy of quality redevelopment. 300+ acre opportunity for green space and other community uses
What’s the status of the property? What are the objectives?
City of Atlanta’s original goal to use as landfill was thwarted by the General Assembly. But it’s been allowed to be neglected. National Audubon Society leads tours, as does Scott. Contact Scott:
Alcohol License Applications, Ed Gilgor

  • Flat Shoals Avenue, TEN ATL. New license application for serving beer and wine on premise. Gretchen Melvin is the business owner.

What’s the parking plan?
Street parking as well as parking at Dolly’s
What are the hours?
Open till 11 PM on weekdays, 2 AM on weekends
Will you have a kitchen?
Have you signed the Good Neighbor Agreement?
Not yet, but intend to
Don’t we already have a “hookah joint” with iLounge?
Issues at iLounge were unrelated to the hookah
Are you aware that there’s a cigar retailer across the street?
Yes; we’ll be selling cigars to-go as well
What’s the plan for keeping the area clean?
TEN will have porters responsible for cleaning up; also signed an agreement with
Waste Management
Will there be outdoor seating / smoking?
No; too close to the curb
Motion to defer vote until NPU has obtained necessary information. Passed 14-0-3
1580 Flat Shoals
Convenience store at Bouldercrest split; off-premises consumption of beer and wine. Application required due to change of management
Have you signed the Good Neighbor Agreement?
Has the NPU Public Safety committee had any concerns?
No outstanding questions
Concerns about alcohol as percent of sales, video poker machines paying out in cash, windows not being covered, not selling single, chilled beers. Ed clarified that City’s ordinance says alcohol can’t make up more than 5% of sales due to proximity to a church; City audits sales, but only for permits in place longer than a year. This convenience store has changed hands yearly for the past 3 years, so no audits have been completed. Concerns with City code were raised at recent review of legislation, didn’t move forward.
Motion to approve application. Passed 9-6-2
Parks update
Volunteer day in June, thanks to those who came out; another volunteer day coming up in July, look for details in the newsletter. Great American Backyard Campout was a big success
Love Your Block grant
Goal of the grant is to bring the community together. Previous proposal for disc golf course in Brownwood Park has been shelved based on negative community feedback. EACA has submitted 3 alternatives, awaiting selection by Love Your Block committee
1) Landscaping in south end of the park, facing Ormewood Avenue
Dying / dead shrubbery, safety concerns
New plants, mulch, etc.
2) Maintenance and upkeep of fitness / walking trails
Mulching, repairing bridge
3) Maintenance of community garden
Replacing fences, beautification, etc.
If you have a preference among the 3, put a sticker on the associated flyer; Susie will pass back the community’s informal feedback
Membership 150 Drawing, Tony Crump

  • Membership drive had a goal of 150 new members. By July of 2014, EACA has had as many renewals / new members as all of 2013. In August meeting, EACA will share highlights of 2014 achievements to date. Towards the end of the year, EACA will be putting out a survey to get community’s feedback for future activities. Winner of the Argosy $150 gift certificate is Zerina Serulle; runner-up winner ($20 gift certificate) is Jill Kahanek. BATL raffle: Vic Thomas, Mike Thomas, Matt McDaniel, and Sebastian Rand won tickets

Atlanta Police update, Major Peek
Zone 6 is in a pretty good place. There has been a 7% decrease in crime in East Atlanta; 20% decrease overall in zone 6. There has been an 80% reduction in break-ins in the last 28 days. Burglaries are down 40% year to date. Zone 6 is the only zone with “all green” status right now. Late-night auto thefts have been on the rise lately. Georgia State Patrol has agreed to help with crime deterrence.
Crime at Edgewood shopping center?
Black Mercedes ML stolen from a woman after she was struck in the head. Be vigilant when parking. APD is working with management of the shopping center; they’re planning to increase manpower and digital surveillance; APD looking to put foot beat and maybe vehicle surveillance in the future
How is APD working with Cry Wolf / false alarm ordinance?
If evidence shows it was a true break-in, residents should not be charged; case-by-case basis
City vehicles parked on the sidewalk?
Call 911, APD will come out and make sure City employee’s supervisor is notified
Weekly public safety update posted on
Other business
$250M infrastructure bond is undergoing review; City is taking community’s feedback on the projects we favor. NPU W will be coming up with a list of projects; please provide input
Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm

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