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EACA Minutes

August 11, 2020 (online meeting)

Meeting starts 7:05pm.

Opening Remarks – Myron Polster.

No invited guests tonight. If you’re not a member, please join at

Land Use and Zoning Committee – Karla Causey

543 Stokeswood, Thrive/Toll Brothers development – Permits were applied for in May 2018 and approved in September 2018, but the ordinance that requires ground-floor retail wasn’t signed until December 2018. The development was so big a percentage of the East Atlanta commercial district, it should have required public notice that didn’t happen with the proper amount of time, so Karla is investigating if there is anything that can be done there. We should find out in a week if we have a case to fight the approval of the development. She has been speaking with Council Member Archibong. Nate Minor offered to get a letter of support from EABA for any action EACA wants to take.

839 Flat Shoals development – Rear balconies were added that had not been approved. That development is on hold until developers put in for a variance regarding the balconies.

1308 Glenwood – New microbrewery and oyster bar Hippin’ Hops in the former East Lake Pharmacy building owned by Abe Asher. We are in the middle of public comment period for this business’ permit. Clarence and Donnica Boston are the business owners. He once worked for Meadows Mortuary. They attended the meeting to answer questions.

Comments from LUZ: Committee supports the business application.

Questions from LUZ: Will the business be able to stay within the building’s existing footprint? Yes. Does the business need a grease trap? It has one. The business’ shared parking agreement is with Meadows Mortuary, which is several blocks away from the business. Were any other options pursued? Is it safe for patrons to walk that far? Ten spots are being allotted. They think the paring will be sufficient and will be safe because of cameras at the parking lot. The cost of the parking is higher than the rent. (Ed Gilgor notes they have met the parking requirements.) Will there be live entertainment? They don’t plan to have any. Will there be a rooftop bar? That is in the plans. But no outdoor music will be allowed under the brewery license. When the rooftop area is put in, will additional parking be required? Ed says non-heat able spaces have different requirements. Mr. Boston says they may need one more spot. What is the plan after the 6-month shared parking agreement expires? They plan to renew the agreement. Note: This will be the first African American owned brewery in the state. How will deliveries be made? They hope to use the existing alleyway. Trash will also be there. Karla notes this may become an issue when the Pellerin development continues. Where will the stairs to the rooftop bar be? Probably a spiral staircase inside the building.

Transportation Committee – Karlyn Beer: There is a new liaison from land use and zoning for the transportation committee, so they can cover things that overlap with LUZ, such as parking, bikes, etc. Still working with EABA on a rideshare plan to have designated Uber, Lyft areas in the Village. Proposed sites coming soon. Transportation position statement is coming on mobility issues related to city-imposed curfews. The curfew earlier this year adversely affected those who rely on public transport and work during curfew hours. Transportation committee is still working on a statement to present to EACA as a whole. Working on a transportation and mobility guide for developers in the Village. Seeking to help developers integrate with existing parking, traffic, and pedestrian patterns.

East Atlanta Strut – Michelle Rice: Nate Minor helped us play a video that explains the East Atlanta Strut in Place. Go to for details. The Strut also could use help recruiting sponsors for this year.

EAV Placemaking – Sarah Kuehn: The Placemaking plan is still under review by Atlanta Department of Transportation.

Fundraising and Grants Committee – Andy Cleary: NPU impact grant update: Switcher radio, scavenger hunt and electric box mural project are how the grant money will be spent. Will use stories and trivia about East Atlanta to give to Cluetown and also to potential artists. There’s an announcement in the Porch Press. The first brainstorming event will be tomorrow from 12 to 12:30, with another on Friday and a third next week. They are looking for interesting stories about residents, architectural features, etc. Also, will do a call for artists. Looking for judges in the arts or history community. for details.

Parks Committee – Alex Levy: Hope to restart volunteer workdays next month, with projects that can be done socially distanced. Trees Atlanta will have three planting events in the Metropolitan and McPherson avenue areas. About 100 trees will be planted in November and then two more planting dates early next year. Free trees will also be available to residents. More on that as details emerge.

East Atlanta Business Association – Nate Minor:  Nate will post surveys in the group chat. (See below) EABA would like community’s help with the Main Street Program organization, which wants to find out how communities have been affected by COVID and civil unrest. There is one survey for business owners and another for community members.

Treasurer’s Report – Ralph Green: Motion made and approved to adopt last month’s minutes and financial report. If anyone wants copies of financial report, please email him at

Public Safety Committee – Myron Polster: Response to the shooting in the Village is still in progress. Businesses are planning to add off-duty officers. Zone 6 offered more patrol officers but that doesn’t seem to have happened. Biggest problem with crime has been at 593 Gresham. Problems had eased when one of the residents was away, but that person came back, and problems began again. A resident led police to arrest the suspect. If you live in that vicinity and see anything unusual, please report to the East Atlanta Security Patrol. Crimes in that block have been the only major issues in the neighborhood recently. Security Patrol is back up to speed after the pause caused by COVID and protests in the city. It has lost members, possibly because of unhappiness with the police in general. If there aren’t enough members, the number of patrols cannot be supported. Shane Hix, 1600 block of May Avenue, had an issue with someone shooting a gun on the street in the middle of the day. Shane had difficulty getting through to 911. He says there is a particular home in that block that may be similar to the home on Gresham. Where should residents share concerns about particular properties? Myron says details can be shared with the Security Patrol and those officers will aware.

Jeanne Fore on EAV-O-Ween: It falls on the 31st this year, and she’s looking for suggestions on what we should do this year. Email

Final Remarks – Myron Polster: Myron kept the meeting open a moment so secretary could copy and paste info from the chat:

From Ryan Downey – East Atlanta Kids Club to Everyone: (7:21 PM)FWIW regarding sponsorship: In our experience at EAKC, contributed support and sponsorship is actually up this year, but we have had the most success with different sectors: real estate, law, accounting firms, tech companies – more so than our traditional support from restaurants and other service sector businesses  happy to chat about where we have seen success with sponsorship if it’s helpful, Michelle.

From Nate Minor (EABA) to Everyone: (7:24pm): Survey for Atlanta Main Streets 8-17
Consumer Survey:

Business Survey

From Ryan Downey – East Atlanta Kids Club to Everyone: (7:35pm): Someone stole the catalytic converter from one of East Atlanta Kids Club’s buses. This appears to be on the rise nationwide, however, as folks are desperate.

From dawn Rivera to Everyone: (7:49pm): Keyetta Holmes, Director of City of Atlanta’s Office of Zoning and Development
Christian Olteanu, Assistant Director of City of Atlanta’s Office of Zoning and Development:

From Nate Minor (EABA) to Everyone: (8:22pm): If anyone needs to reach the business association, please email
For more info about the Atlanta Main Streets program, visit

From Andrea Cleary to Everyone: (8:24pm): Impact Grant – Scavenger Hunt + Mural Painting
- Visuals of locations so far:

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