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EACA Minutes – Tuesday, February 14, 2017

EACA Minutes
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Meeting start at 7:07pm
Welcome and Announcements
New members
Discounts on Catlanta t-shirts
Howard McFadden joins EACA as Transportation Chair – Brief introduction
Transformation of newsletter and website, Stephanie Brown and her team – Thank you!
Councilwoman Archibong discussed Unity rally, why we are here/who we are, Memorial Drive on 2/21 at Drew Elementary Campus Natalyn will have meeting regrading Memorial Drive, continued work on TSPLOST
Steve shared resolution regarding D. Trump’s comments regarding Rep. John Lewis and those residing in his crime ridden district. Demands public apology which has yet to be received.
Legislation passed to allow tree recompense dollars to be used, LC sends thank you.
Vincent Fort – State Senator running for Mayor in attendance – Brief introduction.
Neighbor in Need 10:00-2:00 Poker Tournament.
Atlanta Police Department
Sargent Lyons spoke. Burglary within the past week; victim tracked laptop, entire fencing network. Electronics company within the neighborhood was front for operation. Fencing: steal and take stolen goods to someone else to sell. Small things in the community lead to big things. Thank you to the community. 
Land Use & Zoning
Andy Schneggenburger – Land Use & Zoning Chair. Meeting 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm any and all are welcome. 4th Wednesday at 7:30pm, last recommendation that goes to City Hall. All meetings are at Village Church. 2 applications – deferred from last month.

  • 839 Flat Shoals Avenue, rezoning request from C1 to R4B (corner of Flat Shoals & Kavanaugh)Parcel owner is seeking to rezone from commercial to small parcel residential/subdivide in half and build 2 homes. The single parcel is similar in size to surrounding lots. Wants to prepare them for building. After meeting with other LUZ members and neighbors within the area, LUZ decided unanimously to oppose this request. There is no good planning reason that benefits the neighborhood with this request. Ralph Green: Motion to deny 27 Yay 0 Nay 2 Abstentions.
  • 731 Moreland Avenue, exit only apron onto Moreland. Proposal to redevelop parcel with mixed-use development. Issue with sewage easement, cannot build over. Asking for variance, right turn only traffic flow. Curb requirement mid-block. LUZ voted 7-0-1 to approve application. Q: Has a traffic study been done? No. Safe route to charter schools? Was mentioned, Andy does not recall if there were specific design moves. Not a large development, 8 units. Jack “can we delay until next month to get input from Transportation?” Andy to send documentation to Jack. EACA sends recommendation to NPU | NPU to city. Motion to approve recommendation , 25 Yay 0 Nay 4 Abstentions
  • 529 Flat Shoals Ave., SAP App for parking, seeks to get acknowledgement. 529 expanding into frame shop 517 flat shoals. Tried to move the application through quickly. Error, didn’t foresee any issues. Pushed forward in zoning, SAPs are similar to alcohol licenses/administrative. Comments NC2 diversity in businesses. Ed shared the process of modifying zoning requirements. You cannot favor one business over another. Factors on why applications were approved/denied will be included. Note: SAPs are not something Community can vote on. The bigger issue is parking, are we tracking inventory for parking? There is a flaw in how these SAPs are approved ensuring non-duplicated parking. NC2 parking study several years ago. On file – issue is that parking arrangements are approved at the Office of Planning (Downtown) filings of agreements for parking are difficult to find. Some of have been identified. Andy agrees there should be a way to track these things sensibly. Encourage Office of Planning to track

Historic Designation Exploration
Stephanie Cherry-Farmer. East Atlanta History Night, Tuesday, March 7, at 7:00pm, Branan Towers. Students will be at Branan towers with scanners, etc. to incorporate in the project. Article in Porch Press, FB Event, Flyers at the library. If folks cannot attend, will send students to them. Spread the word!!!! Employed by historic preservation division. Vote last May in EACA to work on draft for East Atlanta; honorary list. No infringement on property rights. Brings forth financial incentives. Documents our history. Class from Georgia State working on the project. Working with chief history people. Students are conducting the meat of the documentation now. Platt Maps, Deeds, 1st draft 3/27 – public presentation 4/25 (will be learning portion) what we have done and where we go from here.
The Color Green
Community Garden, Mary Yetter – Public Spaces (Parks, Greenspace & Beautification Chair), Garden has been there since 2006, many worked hard to make it a beautiful space. Robby Astro assisted with orchards. Need neighbors to support the garden, work in the garden, need to get it ready for spring. Donations of plants (perennials),, Church groups, girl scouts.
Forest Restoration Project, Kevin Mink – Trees Atlanta, February 25 in 9:00am – 12:00pm. Invasive tree removal / plant trees. Protect and conserve the urban canopy. Want the community buy-in to protect. If you have ideas of greenspace you would like protected; please contact Trees Atlanta.
Atlanta’s Tree Trust Fund and 770 Shadowridge, Ralph Green, City has passed legislation, recompense fund, buy land and preserve the land. EACA is in support of the city purchasing the land and preserving it as greenspace at the benefit of everyone in the city. Unanimous decision to approve motion. Size/pre-coverage/no eminent domain/limits on $$ for up keep. How much can be used for maintenance Comms will post legislation to EACA FB and Web page.
Proposed 2017 Budget
Ralph Green – Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair, Reviewed EACA 2017 Draft Budget with Community Members. Streamlined process – present budget at 2 meetings. This would be approval to spend dollars, without bringing back to community meeting. Monthly reports
Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend. Approved.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:28pm.

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