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EACA Minutes – June 13, 2017

EACA Minutes
June 13, 2017
Welcome and Announcements
Atlanta Police Department
Candidate Introductions
EAV Farmers Market Potluck – Sam Gader, Market Manager
Ecosystem Farms – Kirsten Simmons
Land Use & Zoning – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair – 1374 McPherson Avenue
770 Shadowridge (“Ormewood Forest”) comprehensive development plan proposal
Project Pabst, 2017 – Michael King, Striking Marketing
Closing Remarks and Adjournment
Meeting start at 7:04 pm
Welcomes & Announcements
Membership – Samples from Poke Burri (Seven) Business of the month – we will present one of the local businesses. Part of community for the last eight months
Update from Atlanta Police Department
Uptick in car break ins in Little Five Points. Please tell anyone who visits…. don’t leave ANYTHING in your car. Tell your friends, family. Flat Shoals & Hasley/Newton – heavy speeding, motorcycles, loud mufflers. Will talk to Morning Watch. Radar eligibility on Moreland (near Confederate).
Candidate Introductions
Bee Nguyen running for State House 89. Big on education; Opportunity to have more participation from the district. City based issues – opportunities to coordinate with pragmatic solutions.  In 2014, only 5k showed up to vote – Encourage folks to vote and truly have our voices heard.
David Orland Brown – Atlanta City Council 5th District. Education reform, mass transit and crime.2 years and 10 days of sobriety. Link the BeltLine, Streetcar and Marta. Driving vision to take on City Hall –
Lewis Cartee – ABOE District 3.
EACA President. Has been involved in education in our community for over 12 years
Community Updates
EAV Farmers Market Potluck – Sam Gader, Market Mgr. Potluck Event coming up. Really good attendance at our local farmer market. June 27th 7:30 – 9:30pm, market will close a little early (Bring a dish, bring a picnic blanket, Bring a beer)
Ecosystem Farms – Kirsten Simmons – Took over lease on Berea Mennonite Farm and is running her own business there. 2 acres of space including a field 35×135. Exploring the idea of turning this space into a community orchard. Managed by the farm. Production of the orchard; would like to share with the community if there is interest. What kinds of fruit?  Maintenance proposals, hosting events at the farm? Organic Farm – Managed with chicken, quail and duck. Only onsite chemical allowed is for red ants. Yoga on the farm on Sunday afternoons at 5pm? Gardening classes? Farming classes? Producing a CSA – June 25th and run for 14 weeks for $450 – 6-8 lbs. of veggies, eggs, and spices. Bee raising classes? Investor support, one of which is a beekeeper.
Committee Updates
Land Use & Zoning – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair – 1374 McPherson Avenue – Seeking a variance to allow for renovation of existing home, reduce setback from 7ft to 1.5ft. LUZ agreed unanimously to approve / Affected neighbors – letter of support. Vote 31-0.  Commercial corridor on Flat Shoals -17 parcels – intended to be zoned for neighborhood commercial. Interest expressed to get that done this time.  Kaleb could help with explaining and drafting legislation for that node. Out of town for the next two weeks. If interested in being involved, reach out to Andy at  Would entail some evening meetings.  Councilwoman Archibong is on board but would like to have at least 50% of the neighborhood in support.  More walkable and business friendly. Neighborhood Friendly – Local small businesses (Starbucks?) Andy will confirm whether that has been revised.  770 Shadowridge Avenue (“Ormewood Forest” – Developer shares a comprehensive development plan.
Proposal. The proposal will go through the rezoning pipeline next month. Developers were available for questions after the meeting. Meeting with the community to discuss the merits.  Please contact Ralph Green. Land Use & Zoning on the first Tuesday every month at 7pm (Village Church); EACA LUZ meets in conjunction, Full NPU meeting 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm. LUZ – next meeting falls on July 4 – rescheduled to the following Monday after the holiday (July 10th) 7pm Village Church.
Jack Daniels Neighborhood Flavors – David Callaway – Neighborhood Flavors with Jack Daniels – July 29th 4:00pm to 8:00pm Saint Beauty to perform. David can answer details of the event. Neighborhood Flavors – Jack Daniels &???? Magazine.  Urban Festival – 400 – 600 outside attendees – Glenwood/Flat Shoals down to Tomatillos, Negotiating site plan. Free Event – but still require special use permit. 2nd year for the festival (Philly, Chicago, Houston, NYC, LA) Motion to approve 19-0-7.
Project Pabst, 2017 – Michael King, Striking Marketing – Oct 7th (Iggy Poppy and Dinosaur Jr) Rival Entertainment (local company) versus outside firm as last year.  Fencing outside (south of Earl) up to Metropolitan. 2 Stages – main stage same as it was last year, 2nd stage in Earl parking lot post 7:30 only on the end. ~7K people at the event last year – 3.5K tickets sold. Flat Shoals shut down Saturday morning – off and out street open on Sunday morning. Programming in local bars to encourage business. Opening Glenwood/shutting down Flat Shoals. Will be back in August/September to provide updates on the event.
Neighbor in Need – Nancy Carpenter, Chair – September 23 EAV Strut, October 21- 2nd Annual NIN Gala at the Zuber-Jarell House.
Arts & Culture – Jeanne Fore, Chair – Summer Movie Nights beginning July 29;; EAV-O-Ween: October 28  (Streets will be closed (for safety concerns).
Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend Approved.
Meeting ended at 8:33 pm.

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