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EACA Minutes – July 9, 2019

Welcome & Announcements: Dawn opens

Public Safety: APD – Secure Car Campaign. Criminal investigation – to share camera images. See Something Say Something.

Atlanta 311 – public works, water leaks, traffic signals, etc. Dirt Bikes/ATVs – No Chase/Working with State DPS.

Transportation: Every other Monday beginning 7/15 – Location TBD.

NIN: Project volunteers needed. Upcoming Events – From agenda. NIN Gala – Alice in Wonderland Theme. STRUT needs volunteers 9/28.

Land Use & Zoning: SD-19-025 – 1560 Flat Shoals – non-voting/administrative. Motion to defer discussion over concern about unresolved EPD violation and lack of information for community review – Pro – 11 Con- 17 Abstain – 4. Unauthorized landfill – concerns about grading and drainage after remediation. Remediate first then review development proposal. Developer’s representative – Laurel – offers to send plans to concerned citizens. EPD has action plan to allow removal of CD debris, but not yet approved. R4 layout would not change with remediation. Subdivision Review Committee Meeting posted 7/31. EACA LUZ comments/concerns. Stormwater runoff after deforestation.  Ingress/Egress concerns (proximate to. Triangle & Cavanaugh) Elevation change across site after remediation. Boundary tree impacts. Runoff concerns given poor review plan quality. Discussion/Concerns – Traffic concentration and access points. Subdivision dispute about abandoned parcel. Boundary/grading hardships upon Maynard Terrace residents. Tree Loss. Stormwater. Height difference. Bouldercrest Triangle – proposed new NC zoning (Andy Schneggenberger). Minimum 10% of property owners must support rezoning. Outreach needed with affected neighbors. EACA LUZ – 9 am last Saturday of each month @ Brannan Tower. Lengthy Discussion – Concerns for business grandfathering. Gentrification, Infill/townhouses, Property taxes and values to the south (UiDC).

Parks & Greenspace: Greenspace Guardians update – Workdays 1st Saturday of each month. Deloitte Impact Days/EAKC accomplishment: improvement of the park’s south end trail surface. Disclosure of NPU resolution on Intrenchment Creek park land swap w/ Blackhall. Issues of process and lack of community involvement by the county. Discussion by Jay Scott, conceiver of the swap idea for Blackhall and CID

Brownwood Park Recreation Center – City DPR presentation about Rec Center use/control and programming review process. EAKC lease is on a month-to-month basis for a legislated maximum of 6 months. Several community input mechanisms: meetings, online, etc. Timeline decision-making. November/December 2019. Decision-making will be made by City Council CDHS. Spirited discussion about fate of EAKC and City’s Rec center operations models.

Closing & adjournment

Sand meeting announcement

BeltLine meeting announcement

EACA membership reminder

Approval of June’s minutes

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