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EACA Minutes – January 9, 2018

EACA Minutes
January 9, 2018
Meeting called to order by Lewis Cartee at 7:06 pm.
The president recognized Major Peak to speak. Major Peak introduced Sargent Andrew Smith and Office Collier from the Crime Suppression Unit. 2017 closed out with no major incidents defined as homicides or shootings in East Atlanta. There is a burglary problem. APD is working with its partners to resolve issue. Zone 6 is taking the holistic approach as many of these gangs of thieves are coming out of East Point and College Park. Zone 6 is upping plain-clothes patrols. Arrested all three members of a crew.
As always, call 911 if you see something suspicious. Work with the community and not against and share information. If you have video footage tell the police. A stronger court watch will help keep the offenders in jail and off the streets. Court watch alerts people when register their feelings with the court. The crime wave is getting better in the long term: 8 years ago the number of incidents was 1467 and now 528. Zone 6 is looking for patterns in crime to head off future incidents. APD and DeKalb Co. Police talk daily and the collaboration feels like one department. Officers have been deputized to work outside their jurisdiction and each department has the other’s radio codes. If you have trouble with 911, you can call 404-658-6666, but 911 offers advanced features and is preferred.
A new Ramen shop will open in the We Suki Suki food court on Thursday. Samples and coupons were given.
Vic Thomas announced EACA was opening nominations for outstanding EACA Member and EACA Business Partners. Awards will be given at later date. Membership is on a calendar year basis. It is $10 per household and you must be a member to vote.
Introduction of Chairs and Open positions. (See agenda if you have interest in an open committee or joining one talk with Lewis Cartee.
The Porch Press is in need of advertisers. Please contact Henry Bryant if interested.
Transportation committee will be installing a bike fix-it-station in the village. It will be donated to the city because it sits on city property.
Councilmember Archibong informed us that the neighbors behind Sylvester Cemetery will be annexed into the City of Atlanta in the next 60-90 days and will be going to APS schools.
Mayor Lance-Bottoms will be taking a tour of East Atlanta on the granular level. The mayor cannot overrule the ZRB and 10 council members are needed to override and act of the full council.
Councilmember Archibong Committee Assignments include: Community Development/Human Services – Chair, Transportation, Finance/Executive Committee on Council.
Hannah Perkins- Chief of Staff for Bee Nguyen. Representative Nguyen committee Assignments include: Committees Education – Member, Governmental Affairs – Member, Human Relations & Aging – Member. Gave update on upcoming legislation (see handout)
Andy Schneggenburger LUZ – Land use and zoning meets with NPU-W on the first Wednesday of the month at the Village Church in East Atlanta. 770 Shadowridge – Seeking to rezone to PD-CS Planned Development- Conservation. LUZ committee 1/8/18 voted to Deny 29-2 with 2 abstentions. David Patterson from heritage Development presented plans for 20 houses (including 2 workforce housing) 18 houses from $375,000-$400,000 from 1300 to 1900 square feet. Density natural plan. There were no other changes since the last iteration of the plan other than zoning. 3rd party will control the undeveloped land. HOA fees will be charged to maintain the land which will be kept I a natural state. Fees not determined yet.
Existing tree canopy maintained with only 7-10 trees being taken down. 58 trees will be planted. Removal of invasive species on site. This zoning category will be a first for City of Atlanta. It has not been used before. There was some confusion on how to calculate density on the lot since it would need a variance to use the whole property due to delighted creek on property. Traffic study has been done with no measurable impact on street. Point was made that developer was asked by ZRB to meet and negotiate with community. Ralph Green makes motion to deny. Seconded.
This would be private property and community would not have access to trails. If property were to be developed per R-45 only 9 parcels developable. Zoning is community choice. Vote on Motion to deny passes 37-2-4. 2-17-100 Annexation rezoning to annex Braeburn circle into City of Atlanta Zoning is r-4 and MR-1. LUZ voted unanimously to approve. Ralph Green Makes Motion to approve zoning as stated. 34 votes to approve. Urban Land Institute will be assessing parking situation as a barrier to businesses, empty parcels as it pertains to developing a more vibrant business district. The work will begin later this month. There will be opportunity for community involvement.
Introduction of new neighbors to EACA.
Motion to approve treasures report and last month’s minutes. So Approved.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:37.

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