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EACA Meeting – Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Opening Remarks 7:01pm. Approval of April 12, 2022, Meeting Minutes approved without dissent. Approval Treasurer’s Report April 2022, approved without dissent. Reports and Discussion with Elected Officials.

Community and Guests Announcements, Committee Reports

Patrick Husbands/Liliana Bakhtiari – next coffee with a council member will be at Southern Feedstore on May 15 and another meeting at El Tesoro on May 17. ADOT has had issues with speeding traffic around Bouldercrest and Liliana is working with them to address that. See chat for link to form you can use to file issues with the council member.

Commissioner Larry Johnson’s representative and then the commissioner himself – several events coming up with him. He was with President Biden when Biden launched the initiative to provide high-speed broadband service cheaply to 80% of Americans. Johnson also is working to fight food insecurity, particularly among elderly residents. Free Covid vaccines and tests are being offered at South DeKalb Mall.

Margaret Spalding – there will be a child-led demonstration in support of the South River Forest at 10 a.m. Saturday at Intrenchment Creek Park. See chat for her organization’s links.

Resident and business owner Leslie Ramirez announced she has a monthly business spotlight. Let her know if you have someone she should profile. She also does a monthly Village cleanup.

EABA Pres. Nate Minor – Whispers of History tour was last week. About 20 attendees and the feedback was great. Thanks to Henry Bryant and Nina Van Cronkite for giving the tour. As part of East Atlanta’s Main Street initiative, a visioneering survey will be done in the next month. Link: Filling out the survey enters you into a gift card raffle. There’s a new Main Street coordinator and members of EABA will be attending the National Main Street convention this month.

Membership: Membership Amount is $20. EACA Yard sign is $25. Must be a current EACA Member. To vote or serve on an EACA Committee. Confirm membership with Myron Polster, Membership Committee Chair Get or Renew EACA membership at Communication, Chase Miller introduces Laura Gonzalez is the new committee chairperson. She is working on the website and she’s available to help committee leaders promote their initiatives. Meeting minutes and the Treasurer’s report are now being shared on the website.

Transportation Committee, Chase Miller – Legislation on new stop signs on Flat Shoals is in progress at the city. The South Moreland working group is meeting with GDOT to discuss the Moreland resurfacing. Monthly transportation meeting now takes place the last Thursday of the month to avoid conflicting with other committee meetings. Members are welcome to join the committee.

Community Impact Grant, Henry Bryant – $2,000 grant from the city via NPU gives EACA and other NPU community associations money to put street-sign toppers in the neighborhoods. The toppers aren’t cheap, Henry says, but we do have some in place from a previous initiative. An audit is being done to see how many toppers we already have and how many are needed. We may not have enough grant money to pay for them all.

Land Use and Zoning: “The Quarry” Update- Jesse Clarke and Andy Schneggenburger  Z-22-027 “The Quarry” Rezoning: 5 parcels from MRC-1-c to MRC-2-c and land use change from low density to medium density MULD to MUMD for mixed use development. LUZ committee unanimously recommends support. Motion passes, 26 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain.

V-22-059 “The Quarry” Variance: (1) Reduction to Northern setback from 20ft to 10ft; (2) Reduction of parking requirement by effectively 10% (176 v. 159) Motion passes, 24 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain.

Z-22-025 Legislation for “Ghost Kitchens” (commercial food prep and commercial food delivery services). LUZ continues to collect comments. Recommendation from committee is to DENY in alignment with NPU-W LUZ. 

Broadstone at Moreland permit: Plans had been tabled. Developer has submitted a revised plan that is going through the process. Neighborhood Commercial zoning at Bouldercrest triangle – That initiative is progressing and being submitted to the city. McPherson development (Highlander School) – the applicants are working with the city on the possible uses of the property in question.

Announcements – Chase notes that EAPN has been doing many great things and are getting great turnouts. Check the EACA newsletter for info or follow East Atlanta Parents Network on Instagram and Facebook.

Henry Bryant – Please notice the special photo spread in the upcoming Porch Press of past zoning issues.

Adjourn at 8:28pm.

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