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EACA Meeting – October 11, 2022

Welcome and Call To Order 7pm

Public Safety reports

Lt. White of Zone 6 – Once again, please don’t leave anything in your car. Car break-ins are common in East Atlanta. They are working on enforcing loitering laws. Q: Can anything be done about stolen mail, which is very common in East Atlanta? A: Lt. White hadn’t heard this was a problem, but now that she has, if she hears more, the police can contact the postmaster. She will speak with the other Lts. Q: A second resident reports mail has repeatedly been stolen on Ormewood and police have told him they can’t do anything, but he should call the Post Office. He has filed reports with USPS. A: Lt. White says police do like to know this is happening, and although they don’t have jurisdiction over mailboxes, they can increase patrols at times when mail thieves are thought to be active. Q: Third resident who is the victim of mail theft asks for clarification: Should victims alert the police? A: Yes. Please do, and you can email Lt. White and share any reports that have been filed with the post office.
Elected Officials’ reports
Patrice Husbands for Council Member Liliana Bakhtiari – they have worked on the homeless issue in Brownwood Park and think that has been somewhat alleviated. New Stop signs have been installed at several Flat Shoals intersections and more are coming. Issues with trash and recycling pickup have been reported. They are working on it but let them know if it persists. Liliana is working to schedule a meeting with residents around Fayetteville road intersection that has been problematic. Q: Are there any updates on the noise ordinance planned for the Key Road police facility? A: Chief of staff is working on that and Patrick will check on updates. Q: Trash from encampments on I-20 ramps is getting worse. Can anything be done? Also, what about stop sign at Bouldercrest/Flat Shoals intersection? A: He will relay request for trash pickup to public works and also will look into the intersection. Q: The logical thing would be to take the stop sign away from Flat Shoals and Winfield and put one in at FS and Bouldercrest instead. A: He thinks a request for a sign at Bouldercrest and Flat Shoals was submitted, and agrees it would be more logical to have one there than at Winfield. Much discussion ensued about how these stop signs came about.
Visitor Announcements

Katie Kriner of East Atlanta Farmers Market – Last market will be Nov 17 and will be the annual potluck. Extra things are happening at the market almost every week before then, including apple fest and a pumpkin patch. Vic thanks Katie for letting EACA have a monthly table at the market. Nov 3 will be EACA’s last day there, and all are invited to go out with EACA members after the market.  EACA also had a booth at the farmers market space at the East Atlanta Strut and enjoyed talking to community members there, plus got good numbers of sales of merchandise and memberships.
Committee Reports

EAPN: Rachel Williams of EAPN to discuss how EAPN and EABA are collaborating on EAV-O-WEEN on October 29 from 5-7 starting at the farmers market lot with a costume contest and then move into the Village to trick-or-treat at participating businesses. Costumes also can be donated for children or adults at Keller Knapp real estate through October 26. On October 27, there will be a costume closet set up at the farmer’s market. If you know people who need costumes, contact Rachel. See Chat for info.

Land Use and Zoning: V-22-142. 1596 May Avenue near Maynard Terrace. Variance to reduce front yard setback from 30’ to 20’ and expansion of the porch. Committee recommended approval. EACA votes to approve, 21 in favor, 1 abstain. Karla will give updates to Chase to share with the membership.

Neighbor in Need, Stephanie Parker – Their good works continue. Audio was breaking up, but it appears they are looking for vendors and volunteers.

Parks and Greenspace: Alex Levy – Volunteers with tools are always needed to attack invasive species in the south end of the park, either on organized days or on their own. Looks like there are some volunteers who are working to reinvigorate the Friends of Brownwood Park and work on the community garden. Bill Gould with update on Ormewood Forest – City was set to close on the property in September, but that didn’t happen, and the contract agreement has been extended until March 23 of 2023. Council Member Bakhtiari is confident the closing won’t take that long. Things have been stalled over some tree and sidewalk issues.
Community Outreach, Maegan Mellick: First event will be Friday, November 18, with a happy hour at the Blake Avenue Community Garden from 6-8. More details to come.

EACA 4th Quarter Events: More details to come, but here’s a look: EAVOWEEN, Thanksgiving and Christmas donations, Tree Lighting, Santa’s Visit to East Atlanta, Branan Towers Christmas, Menorah Lighting, Holiday Lights Competition, EACA Pot Luck Dinner. EACA Member of the Year, EACA Business of the Year, EAPN Business of the Year, EACA Outreach Activities, Farmers Market.
Items for Voting

September 13, 2022 meeting minutes — approved. September 2022 treasurer report — approved.

Closing remarks from Vic – Don’t forget to vote early on November 8 so you can make it to the November EACA meeting.  Time to renew your membership or join for the first time. Go to Also, will be able to buy EACA pint glasses online soon.
Meeting adjourned 8:12pm.

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