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EACA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Call To Order 7:00pm/Start Meeting Recording.

March 12, 2023 Meeting Minutes approved without dissent. March 2024 Treasurer Report approved without dissent.

Elected Officials’ Reports

Representative Saira Draper: Congressional update – Legislative session has ended, but because Republicans are the majority, much of what happened at the session involved the Republican agenda, but some of the legislation regarded very negatively by Democrats didn’t pass. See meeting recording, her website and newsletter for more. Her district (90) has changed via redistricting, with Republicans redrawing lines that will eliminate one incumbent Democrat, either Draper or Becky Evans. Q: How can one get a yard sign? A: She had some at the meeting and people should be able to request one on her website. Commissioner Johnson’s Office – Johnson has stepped down to run for DeKalb CEO.

Public Safety Update – Zone 6 Update, Lt. Robert Godwin: Theft from vehicle is still the leading crime, generally from cars where visitors to the business district have left there valuables in the car.  Shooting at the EARL – doorman was injured, but he remembered the state on the IDs used by the shooter. Otherwise there is not much evidence to go on.

Voting Items

Public Safety Related Applications – Chase Miller: Black Spirits Festival, Annual street festival in the Village, Permit was approved at the NPU-W, pending approval at EACA, Attending to represent application: Asiaa Kareem, Approved without dissent. Greg Mike LLC (Art Gallery) at 1206 Metropolitan Avenue – City of Atlanta Alcohol License Application – most discussion was regarding number of parking spaces. Applicant has shared parking at the church lot and funeral home lot, and plans to promote rideshare when advertising events. See link to application here, Attending to represent application: Gregory Mensching, SARD&LEFF, LLC, Approved without objection.

Pushing Up Daisies – Chase Miller: The EACA Executive Committee has recommended that EACA support the Pushing Up Daisies festival by sponsoring at a level of $500 for this year’s event. Proceeds from the festival go toward the maintenance and preservation of Sylvester Cemetery. You can read more about the cemetery here and the festival here. Approved without objection.

Committee Reports

Transportation Committee Update – Zach Kosub: Update on key focus points for the committee, 

Rep. Draper has made a formal request to GDOT to discuss safety of Maynard Terrace and Glenwood intersection after a woman was struck by a car in the intersection. They have been trying to get traction with Path Foundation for the BATL Trail. They are working on an application to improve May Avenue as an alternative to Glenwood as a pedestrian route. Call for volunteers to support. Q: After the roundabout is finished on Maynard Terrace, it’s going to make Maynard and Memorial even worse. Is that on the committee’s radar? A: Committee will look into that.

Land Use and Zoning Update, Jenny Murray: See meeting recording for slide presentation. 740 Moreland Avenue (awareness only) – Request for a Business License for Tire Shop at 740 Moreland Avenue Tire shops are not allowed per Moreland Ave. LCI. The City denied the initial business license application with an appeal scheduled during the BZA Public Hearing on 4/11, (12:00).  In addition, the applicant applied, again, for the same business license which was approved on 3/28. EACA LUZ and community representatives will attend the BZA Public Hearing and provide comments supporting the original denial and revocation of the new business license. 659 Stokeswood Avenue – Application to remove trees and build on/near stream buffer. Although no official application has been brought to LUZ, we are working with the City Arborist Dept. to understand the status of the tree removal review and stream buffer encroachment processes to ensure the community can provide comments to the city accordingly. NC-16 – Bouldercrest Triangle (informational update), Link to latest draft of the legislation, Summary: Zoning update for the Bouldercrest Triangle.  Series of meetings with property owners and stakeholders occurred in recent months. A “final” draft of the legislation, including negotiated points between residents and business owners, is now with the city awaiting feedback on next steps. Plan A/CDP Update, General update on City’s CDP update process. April EACA LUZ Committee Meeting, Preview of key agenda topics and highlights for April LUZ Meeting

Parks Committee Update – Alex Levy: Playground – Current site plan, playground equipment, rendering, construction schedule. Site work progressing. Electrical lines are being added this week.  There will be a downtime of exterior lights for a few days while these are installed/inspected. Playground delivery schedule to arrive on 04-15-24. Planning to pull up concrete path from Rec Center to pavilion and provide new pathways through the playground to tie in space better. Pavilion: Current Site Plan, Rendering, Construction Schedule. We have submitted our plans/application to the UDC. Expect a May/June hearing date and permit issuance in July. Expect to start construction on Phase 2 in August. We will have additional sidewalks, seat walls at basketball courts incorporated into our scope to address runoff onto courts and can begin those following UDC approval in May.

Watershed: Working on their site improvements plan. As part of their investigation, they realized the current pipes are undersized for the amount of water that enters through this portion of the system.  They are considering three options, but each will have a 2-3 year out timeline.  Watershed will consider our needs along with their needs to determine course of action.

Option 1 – Add larger pipes to go around Tennis Courts. This would cause us to lose a couple of trees near Pendleton and would require Pendleton to be torn up a bit.

Option 2 – Add pipes under Tennis Courts. This would require the Tennis Court to be torn up, but Watershed would replace it.  This is the cheapest option.

Option 3 – Add pipes along Brownwood to pull in water in and around the park.  This would avoid tearing up the Tennis Court, but would require Brownwood to be torn up. Watershed will share schematics/drawings with us to share at our next community meeting in May.

Tennis Courts: Design Plan from Art in the Paint. We delayed having Art in the Paint begin the resurfacing project to give time for Watershed to determine their plan. However, since Watershed is aiming for a 2-3 year timeline we will go ahead as planned. If Watershed needs to tear up tennis court, the replacement court will incorporate the design

ADA Sidewalks: Additional Funding for ADA seating, sidewalks, etc. is now available to fix ADA compliance issues around the tennis courts and other non compliant areas of the park.  Patrick/ILD is coordinating with COA to put together updated site plan to account for this work. We’ll share at the next community meeting in May once these details are finalized. 

Ormewood Forest: Community Clean-Up in Ormewood Forest in partnership with Science for Georgia, Rep Becky Evans, and New Life Community Alliance. Date: Apr 27 @ 9:00am-12:00pm, Location: 770 Shadowridge Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, Sign Up Here or just show up

Announcements/Community Updates: James Brown, candidate for Fulton County Sheriff introduces himself.

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