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EACA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Call to order / Meeting recording started 7:00 pm. Approved without dissent, March 14, 2023 meeting minutes. Approved without dissent, March 2023 treasurer report.

Public Safety Update – Zone 6 Representative and Myron Polster: FBI now says robberies are not a violent crime for statistical reporting purposes, and now Zone 6 shows a 45% decrease in violent crime. He is checking to see if the FBI change has affected that. Q: What’s up with the continued police and helicopter activity on the weekends until 3 a.m. north of Glenwood to I-20? The noise is a nuisance. A: Myron thinks they are going after street racers. He will look into it. Upcoming meeting of the EACA Public Safety Committee in April (date to be confirmed); please reach out to if you’d like to be a part of the committee.

Special Highlight – EACA Day of Service

Saturday, April 22nd from 9:30am-12:00pm, EACA will host our quarterly Day of Service

Project 1: Brownwood Garden Clean-up

Project 2: Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden Clean-Up

Project 3: Branan Towers – Lunch with the Branan Residents

Sign-Up: Sign-up for all projects can be done via our sign-up form. Project Coordinators will email volunteers 2-3 days prior to the Day of Service with logistical information

Special Highlight: Land Use and Zoning – Karla Lightfoot Causey:

NC-17 Zoning at Bouldercrest and Flat Shoals triangle update – Andy Schneggenburger (get from the recording) – Application was submitted last fall for rezoning this area. NC-17 is similar to what’s in place in East Atlanta Village. Review found some inconsistencies regarding street addresses and a couple of other things and so those are being worked out. The application will go to NPU and EACA for a review and vote. Current schedule has this being approved in July. 

Atlanta Zoning 2.0: Atlanta is embarking on a multi-year effort to align its growth and development regulations. We have a dedicated committee helping to engage in the discussions on this topic. Key topics we’re discussing include what kind of housing we want more or less of in East Atlanta, how we balance growth with accessibility, and how we continue to grow and build thriving commercial centers. Next Meeting: Thursday 4/20: Workshop #4: Conservation Area Alternatives

525 Moreland Avenue – The Lodge – “Masonic Temple:” The Avington at Ormewood is real name. This is indeed part of the NC zone, which goes on both sides of Moreland Avenue. Developers are making part of this affordable housing. The project is moving forward but was stalled because of Covid backups in the government regulators area. It’s waiting its turn in line. 

Z-22-088: 1640 Flat Shoals Road “Grace Development:” Background: Applicant seeks to rezone parcel abutting Flat Shoals Rd and Grace St from R-4 (Single Family Residential) to PD-H (Planned Development-Housing) to allow for construction of 7 single family residences. Based on existing R-4 zoning, the applicant would be able to build 4 single-family residences. Status: During the January 30th LUZ Committee session, the application in present form was denied unanimously, with a counterproposal presented.  Applicant requested extended Deferral for March cycle amend application. Next Steps: If you are an immediate adjoining neighbor and would like to engage on this topic, please email

U-20-088: HYPERLINK “”530 Flat Shoals Avenue: “Sabbath Brewing” Special Use Permit Application – It is still being deferred. One of the latest items being worked on is parking. Q: What are they operating on now? A: They have been operating under a special use permit. It is up for renewal. Jenny Murray just went to a zoning workshop that she found valuable. She recommends anyone interested join the next session, which will be a week from Thursday. Check the Chat for a link.

Elected Officials’ Reports – Council Member Liliana Bakhtiari: GDOT Moreland improvements update: A number of people have been killed. She sees one problem as business drive-throughs, which should not exist under our NC zoning. She also is working with Georgia Tech on a study to help improve some neighborhood sidewalks. She is working to compile data on tracking the value of trees so that can be used in the debate over Atlanta’s tree canopy policy and rules. Ormewood Forest purchase by the city has closed. She’s looking into getting some crosswalks on Glenwood. Still working on the local drug (and other crimes) houses and their connection to the campsites on Maynard Terrace near I-20. She is trying to figure out how to offer help to the campers rather than arresting them or simply bulldozing the camps. Ormewood Ave will be closed until April 28 for the watershed work. She is working with neighborhoods to determine who to spend TSPLOST funds. Path, Parks Dept, Henry, and Liliana are going to schedule a walk-through to talk about the BATL Trail plans. Stormwater issues with Brownwood Park are being worked on. Then other improvements will become the focus. Friends of Brownwood Park will take the lead on that. Q: Regarding Glenwood crosswalks, Glenwood also is supposed to have bike lanes according to the Cycle Atlanta plan. Also, the section of Glenwood between Clifton and Terry Mill is supposed to have a bike line. A: She asked the questioner to email her the details so she can check into it. Q: Regarding grandfathered in drive-throughs on Moreland Avenue, Cookout seems to be in violation of this with two drive-through lanes. A: It has been reported to Codebusters and her staff is working on it. Q: How much money is the city putting into the police training center? A: The city has not told all the council members, but she is trying find out and write legislation to limit the amount. Commissioner Larry Johnson’s office, Florence Coram: See chat for info on the commissioner’s upcoming events.

 Parks & Greenspace Update – Alex Levy and Matt Day: Friends of Brownwood Park update – Matt: Park Pride has put together a report and the friends are dividing that up into deferred maintenance issues and park improvements. If you want to be involved, contact  Alex: There is interest in turning the former Skyhaven Elementary school lot into a park. Again, email for info. Q: When will long-term visioning be presented to EACA?  A: 8-12 months. Q: Now that Ormewood Forest deal is sealed, can the parks committee turn some of its energy to the BATL Trail?  A: Chase will talk to Bill and Alex about that after the meeting. They may need a break. Q: What are the funding mechanisms for Brownwood Park? A: All sources of funding, public and private, are being considered. Grant Update – Dawn Rivera, Michelle Rice. Faces of East Atlanta Project – Six interviews were done recently at Branan Towers and interview scheduling is ongoing. A curated selection of the portraits and videos will be presented at the August event.

Transportation Update – Chase Miller email evaluating ideas to expand trail space in East Atlanta. Many of this committee’s issues have already been discussed tonight. See the meeting video for slides on the committee’s priorities.

Announcements / Community Updates

East Atlanta Strut Presents the “Pushing Up Daisies” Sylvester Cemetery and Garden Tour – Saturday, April 15

EAV Defends the Trees – Update from Amelia Weltner on their work: She represents a group opposed to the police training facility and is collecting signatures on a petition. See chat for her info. 

Ishita Chordia – Safety and Social Media – Request for interviewees (who will be paid $40, and $5 to EACA). She wants to know how people use social media to learn about crime. This is part of a study she is doing with the intent of designing better platforms to present public safety information.

Katie Kriner – Please visit the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market every Thursday from 4:00-8:00pm. – check out this site for info on tours of the historic spots of East Atlanta.

EACA Call for Volunteers – We’re excited for what we will accomplish in 2023. But we won’t get there without engaged members of the community to help make it happen. Please reach out to or any member of the EACA Executive Committee to find out how and where you can support. You can also find a list of our open Positions at. Ongoing Recruitment for Committee Involvement:

Arts and Culture, Communication, Community Outreach, East Atlanta Parent Network, Education, Fundraising and Grants, Land Use and Zoning, Membership, Neighbor in Need, Parks and Greenspace, Public Safety, and Transportation.

Closing Remarks and Adjournment.

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