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EACA Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2016

President Lewis Cartee called the meeting to order at 7:02pm and welcomed all new and returning attendees.
Public Safety:
Lt. Floyd, of the APD Zone 6 Precinct reported on activity in the East Atlanta area in the last 28 day period. There have been 2 pedestrian robberies in the business district of The Village. APD has increased their presence to deter, solve and apprehend criminals. Home burglaries occurred on Jobeth, Clifton, Van Vleck, Berean and Flat Shoals. Video, taken by the homeowner’s interior surveillance cameras during the Flat Shoals home invasion, was provided to APD and was instrumental in the apprehension of 3 of the 4 perpetrators of this burglary. The fourth suspect has made arrangements to turn himself in. Juvenile crimes are often crimes of opportunity and most home break-ins are done by juveniles. Burglary units and truancy officers are focused on prevention and investigation of home break-ins. A member of the community expressed concern about 911 calls not being answered in a timely manner as well as business owners not doing their part to address security in a proactive way. Zone 6 in Atlanta works cooperatively with the Dekalb South Precinct, as well as other counties, to solve crimes. Lt. Floyd encouraged all community members to join their community security patrol. Gaja, Elder Tree, Argosy and East Atlanta Thai and Sushi all contribute to a fund to provide private security for the north end of East Atlanta. Please encourage businesses that you patronize to join this group.
Committee Updates:
Economic Development – Armando is working on a flow chart for new businesses that are in the process of opening in EAV. The committee has an ongoing security initiative to hire off duty APD officers to patrol businesses, parking lots and pedestrian walkways. To date, only those businesses on the north end, mentioned in the Public Safety update have engaged. Emerald City Bagels is hoping to join East Atlanta businesses within the next six to nine months with a brick-and-mortar store.
Beautification – AJC Reach has been contacted regarding eliminating East Atlanta from their delivery of the circular, currently dropped at the end of residential driveways in plastic bags. This issue and its impact on storm drains were discussed in the January meeting. Residents may opt in if they would like to continue to receive this advertising. Info will be available in the EACA newsletter.
Membership – The 2016 Membership Drive will wrap up in April with a drawing for prizes donated by individuals and businesses in East Atlanta. Currently, there are 106 households representing 230 members. Membership is $10 per household per year and yard signs are available for $25. Membership for residents 65 years of age and older is free. They just need to make a request at
Proposed Budget:
Input from committee chairs was used to formulate the 2016 fiscal year budget which was made available for all attendees. Budget items are approved at the beginning of the year. Many expenses have an initial investment, which will be fundraising ventures and some expenses are in support of community events and activities. Two consecutive monthly votes are required by the bylaws to approve the budget proposal. This month a vote was taken and the results were: 29 in favor, 1 opposed; 1 abstention. The second vote will be taken at the March EACA meeting. If you have questions regarding the 2016 budget, please contact
Guest Presenter: J.P. Boulee, Dekalb County Superior Court Judge introduced himself and shared his background and goals for re-election. Judge Boulee took the bench last spring and is visiting many of the communities in Dekalb. One promising initiative, if he is re-elected, is to start a Veteran’s Court in Dekalb County to focus on specific needs of Veterans. Fulton County has a very successful Veteran’s Court Program and there is significant need in Dekalb. Judge Boulee will be on the May 24 ballot for re-election. For comments or concerns, please contact him at
Dance 411 will offer winter break “Kids Dance and Acting Camps” for ages 5-13 of all experienced levels.
Shannon Moorer has organized “Not Just Spectators” to give kids opportunities for after school activities. For more information please contact Shannon at or 404-490-3621.
The Meeting adjourned at 7:51pm. A vote to approve the January meeting minutes and Treasure’s report will be held in March.

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