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EACA Meeting Minutes April 14

Introductions and Welcome
East Atlanta Farmers Market – Katie Hays-Cash
Public Safety and City Council Representatives
Graveyard Tavern Mural – Sydney Sevdalis
Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team – Jeff Blau
Committee Reports – Education, Arts and Culture
East Atlanta Foundation- EACBF
Approve Minutes and Treasurers Report
The President called the meeting to order at 7:07pm and welcomed all new attendees, neighbors and presenters to the April 14 EACA meeting. New attendees introduced themselves. A representative from Councilperson Archibong’s office announced that the 14th Annual Tire Round Up will be next Saturday April 25 from 9am to 1pm. Please bring discarded (rimless) tires to 815 Old Flat Shoals Road (behind the old Parmalot Building). Volunteers have been available in the past to pick up neighborhood tires if residents are unable to deliver them to the appointed recycling location. Call Councilperson Archibong’s office for more information and to inquire about tire pick up (404) 330-6048 or e-mail narchibong@atlantaga.gov. The fee normally assessed to recycle tires when you purchase replacement tires is a State-wide issue. Councilperson Archibong’s office has worked really hard to get that money back into the City budget but there are many challenges in getting legislation to have those funds reallocated to the local area where they are assessed. An inquiry was made regarding utilization of the CHaRM Center on Hill Street for recyclables. For information on this facility, please see their website: www.livethrive.org/charm.
East Atlanta Corner Project update – The initial meeting on March 19 had enthusiastic response and support. Input, ideas and suggestions as well as potential challenges were gathered, a plan has been drafted and the organizing team has scheduled the next meeting on Thursday, April 23 at 6:30pm at First Mt. Pleasant Church (815 Maynard Terrace Road.). Please see the “East Atlanta Corner Project” Facebook page for more information and updates.
An issue concerning the use of Uber drivers to and from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport was brought up to the Archibong representative. It is not legal to use Uber for airport drop off and pick up and an Uber driver was recently ticketed for an airport assignment. State imposed regulations vs city imposed rules and taxes for limos and taxi’s dictate the confusion of what classification Uber falls into. City Council is working diligently on this issue and hopes to get clarification and resolution on this matter quickly.
Jim Elgar from Council President Caesar Mitchell’s office thanked everyone for attending the Public Safety meeting last week in Grant Park and he made himself available for comments and questions. If you need to get in touch with Council President Mitchell’s office, please feel free to call Jim at 404-330-6052 or see Council President Mitchell’s website: www.ceasarmitchell.com.
East Atlanta Farmer’s Market: Katie Hays, Director of Community Farmer’s Markets announced that the East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market (561 Flat Shoals Road) will open this Thursday ,,April 16 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm and will be commemorated with the annual planting of a peach tree at 4:00pm. The space, owned by Georgia Power, is being transformed into vendor and family friendly green space thanks to grants and donor contributions of $15,000. Another $5-7,000 is still needed to complete the project. Citizens have donated picnic tables and Big Daddy Biscuits has donated a pet waste station. Commercial grade lighting will be added as an enhanced safety feature. An effort is underway to get the space added to the City of Atlanta’s parks list so that the City will assist in upkeep and supply running water to the site. An expanded weekly vendor list includes two new dinner options, chef demos will continue this year, many of the farmers who have supported the EAVFM for several years will return and increased neighbor and public safety patrols are underway as just some of the things we can look forward to during the 2015 market season. In its previous use as a parking lot it was a liability to the neighborhood because of the lack of lighting and security. The space was never intended to be used for parking. EACA presented a check for donation to the funding and running of the Farmer’s Market to the Community Farmer’s Market.
Public Safety: Lieutenant Tim Carter of APD reported that there have been two arrests made in connection with the Moreland Avenue Kroger murder –both the shooter and driver have been apprehended. Several Zone 6 robbery spree suspects have been identified and some suspects have been charged. There has been a slight rise in burglary cases in East Atlanta and East Lake with ongoing investigations. Efforts are underway to keep suspects in multiple offenses from being released from custody so quickly. There has been an approximate 30% reduction in crimes in the area since last year but an increase in month over month crime statistics and trends (a “month” in terms of police activity equals 28 days). There was a shooting in unincorporated Dekalb County earlier today (April 14) but Lt. Carter did not have any specifics to report about it at the time of the EACA meeting. A concern was raised about the ongoing problem of car racing on Moreland Avenue between I-285 and Custer Avenue on Sunday evenings, the most recent of which resulted in a fatality. Multi-services cooperation in stopping the races from happening is ongoing. Major Jones has been promoted and a new Major, Major Johnson, has been assigned to Unincorporated Dekalb County.
Graveyard Tavern Mural Proposal: Sydney Sevdalis with TomorrowWorld Festival proposed the idea of a festival sponsored mural on the portion of the outside wall at The Grave Yard Tavern near the entrance to the basement venue and asked for feedback. There was concern from the community that the artwork project would include an advertisement for the Festival. If you would like to submit an artist’s name who would like to get involved in the mural, please let Sydney know at Sydney@tomorrowworld.com. The project is in the beginning stages so input must be submitted soon to facilitate the approval process with the City of Atlanta.
Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team: Jeff Blau, representing The Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team announced the return of the East Atlanta Twilight Criterium to East Atlanta Village for the 4th year. The race is a 2015 Georgia State Criterium Championship. Open to all adult categories, the event will take place on August 15, 2015. Racing starts at 2:15pm with the lower categories and races continue through the afternoon and evening and concludes with the Pro 1/2 Men under the village’s street lights at 8pm. Award ceremonies and Championship jersey presentations will be conducted at the end of each individual race. The highly competitive and well-attended kids’ race will take place at 5:30pm and the fan-favorite ‘Bartender’ race will immediately follow. The Team is considering a possible extension of the race course to include more of Metropolitan, Haas and Flat Shoals Avenues but realizes an extension would impact more residents. The Team will host a community meeting during the first week of May to seek resident and business owner input. Improvements for this year’s race will include better signage, communication and traffic flow on race day. The post office will remain open and coordination with race marshals will help get customers in and out. More volunteers are needed if the course is extended. If you would like to volunteer or get more information, please contact Jeff at Jeff.Blau@gmail.com or 404-384-3995.
Beerfest: The 14th Annual East Atlanta Beerfest will be held on May 16 in Brownwood Park from noon to 5:00pm. Advance ticket prices are $40 for general admission and $75 for VIP access. Please see the website for ticket purchases http://www.eastatlantabeerfest.com/. This year the Festival will include 200+ Craft Beers for tasting, food vendors, and live entertainment. The East Atlanta Foundation receives proceeds from this event which supports local nonprofit organizations and projects that promote the quality of life in East Atlanta.
Arts and Culture: Celebrate your neighborhood by participating in the upcoming Frolic in Brownwood Park on Saturday, April 25 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The 2nd Annual Great American Backyard Camp Out will be held June 27 and 28 at the Zubar-Jarrell House at 810 Flat Shoals Road. Remember, it’s not just for kids.
Transportation: Save the Old Atlanta Prison Farm update: An early April AJC article featuring Scott Peterson and Joe Peery’s efforts to turn the old federal prison farm located just south of East Atlanta Village into usable community green space has sparked renewed political and social interest in the project. The next tour of the proposed greenspace will be on May 2. Two hundred people have already signed up. It was suggested that a petition be circulated during tours and within the community to save the farm and let political leaders know that community interest in the project has increased. Kathy Gannon supports the project and Larry Johnson was initially in support but has waffled on his position. Dekalb County has $35 million allocated for green space so please let your council members know that utilization of the prison farm would be beneficial to taxpayers in your district. Scott Peterson would like some help in the form of tour guides (especially for the tour coming up on May 2) and trail building. A small stipend is available for these efforts (an hourly rate for trail building or a flat rate for leading a tour). An Earth Day party will be held on Wednesday, April 22, El Mexicano Restaurant at 6:00pm, sponsored by Save the Old Atlanta Prison Farm. Reminder: the maps of the trails are on the Save the Old Atlanta Prison Farm Facebook page.
Natalyn Archibong’s office is looking for suggestions and support for community based projects that the recently voted upon bond money could be used for. Please send your comments to transportation@eaca.net or Natalyn’s office.
LUZ: The first topic of post-EACA meeting discussions was introduced: Andy is doing a series of presentations about growth and redevelopment that will affect East Atlanta Village. EAV has a special kind of quality of life zoning in a commercial district that supports pedestrian friendly development, local businesses, supports more compact and dense development and manages the transition between the edges of commercial areas into residential areas. This ordinance was adopted in 2000. The community at that time developed a Master Plan and the vision in that plan lead directly to the current zoning ordinance. Andy’s presentations are meant to refresh the memory of the current association about the vision and make sure it still represents our priorities so that we are better positioned as we look at new development proposals and zoning variance requests that come to us for approval. There has also been a more recent study done for the South Moreland Corridor in 2008. This study is more transportation and transit focused and how development along the corridor can support and thrive from a coordinated transportation plan. This plan also has a vision associated with it for growth and land use and zoning changes that will impact some the decisions we make. The first presentation after the regular EACA meeting this evening will touch on vision and priorities in the two plans with questions and discussion afterward. The Land Use and Zoning committee meets each 1st Tuesday of the month in the community room at Eastside Church 7:00pm. The full NPU meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month, also in the community room at Eastside Church at 7:00pm. The Atlanta Beltline Committee is currently reassessing their strategic plan and commitment to affordable housing. The original 5600 unit commitment is still in place but they are proposing a change in where those units will be, citing changes in market conditions as the reason.
Education: Last month’s Burgess Peterson Academy parent forum, held at Hodge Podge was very well attended. A similar event will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, 2015, at Argosy at 470 Flat Shoals Road for current and prospective parents of King Middle School students. The Jackson Cluster Planning committee meeting will be held on May 13. The monthly meeting with Jackson Cluster principals, members of APS and a community stakeholder, Louis Cartee, will be the 2nd community meeting and will be held at Jackson High School at 6:30pm. The goals and objectives of the Jackson Cluster meetings have been discussed in previous EACA meetings but if you have questions or need further information, please contact Louis at education@eaca.net.
Minutes and Treasures report approved by majority vote.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28pm


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