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EACA Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2017

EACA Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2017
Meeting start at 7:06pm
Welcome and announcements
Atlanta Police Department
Councilmember Natalyn Archibong, Atlanta City Council
Welcome and announcements
Introductions of new neighbors
Historical designation for EAV
Thank you to all who helped fund. We have fully funded our application for Historical Designation.
Update from Police Department: Captain Neil Klotzer, (best way to reach is via email).
Any questions, Major Peak, Lt Patterson and Captain Klotzer are available at Zone 6 call and ask, don’t wait for monthly community meetings. Capt. Klotzer is architect of video tech.
Held information on robberies due to ongoing investigations – pictures could potentially taint line-ups etc. Recent robbery sprees, Lt. Patterson shared letter of recognition for officers who solved. Transient suspects. Picture of vehicle (Maroon Altima) using a stolen ATM card at SunTrust. Suspects license was suspended, handgun, marijuana, black masks found in vehicle, Suspects were transported and interviewed. A second suspect was a juvenile and was released to relatives but did not enough points to remand. No one was hurt. Crime suppression unit went out undercover on secondary spree; enhanced efforts. Major Peak posted on ND. Centralized unit to information -share with other agencies (DeKalb PD). From the rash of burglaries and car thefts (computers) able to identify a fencing operation – Tapeworm. Recovered four computers; business is closed. Lt. Patterson will continue to provide updates.
Council Member Natalyn Archibong, Atlanta City Council
General Updates: April 12– Invest Atlanta – Bond listening opportunity ($32M available), Home Repairs for veterans, disabled, seniors, Homebuyer Assistance, Millennials living outside of the city because they cannot afford to live in town, Affordable Housing – Memorial Corridor (Atlanta Dairies), CHRIS180 – Workforce needed cannot live in the city; developers will have requirement to have percentage of affordable housing – AMI (area median), NA working with consultant – we want to have an area where everyone can live, Need to do with great intentionality.
Tire Round-Up: this Saturday from 9:00am to 100pm at (Hill Street), Hard to recycle items will also be accepted, Iron Mountain will also be there shredding documents.
Braeburn Road Construction Project: Between Pasley and Blake Avenues, April 25. The meeting will be held at the Brownwood Recreation Center and will convene at 6:30pm. The address is 607 Brownwood Avenue, SE Atlanta, GA 30316, Annexation at the fishtail, May be house by house (Settle Circle/Braeburn).
Greenspace: Ormewood Forrest) – Money set aside to save our forest, PATH – Henry working closing with them (McWilliams/Marbut).
Arts Funding: Unable to get any traction on the quarter penny for art funding. Those under Gold Dome did not deem worthy.
LUZ – R5 zoning: Will allow for there to be a tiny house or carriage house in your backyard. You can now have a stove – unlike prior. Journey towards looking at tiny houses, If you don’t have R5 – don’t build. NA would like us to be a destination. Going on real-time – provide feedback. Steve Q: regarding why you cannot live in a tent on your property. When will we see new zoning re-write? Work is being undertaken – does not have definitive date.
Marijuana decriminalization: Conundrum – if the City of Atlanta decriminalizes and the state does not, it will be a felony. Off the highway-GSP, Clarkson has decriminalized. Important thing is for us to do carefully. Mayor is not supportive. Carefully being vetted, takes pressure off prison system, increased tourism. We are a progressive, liberal city. Racial disparity – police allocation – can spend more time solving real crimes.
Pitbulls: What should we do? What should animal control do? Consistency with their policies. BSL – Breed-Specific Legislation – No plans to do so; owners should be looked at.
Bench by SunTrust moved – avoid panhandling.
Memorial Drive – GDOT: Three deaths on Memorial Drive this year. Will speak with them regarding this as well as the I20 exit at Maynard Terrace.
Community member concerns shared with Natalyn Archibong
Water Mains on Brownwood: Proud of department and responsive. Sidewalk damage – call Natalyn Archibong’s office. Metropolitan Avenue – sidewalks disappear/walking on someone’s property. NA believes this is part of the city – send to Archibong’s office. Library to Monument Avenue sidewalks Priorities are destinations as we don’t have sufficient funding.
Brownwood Creek: Dumping into creek and changing the color of the creek. Need cameras (Ormewood side). Minimal penalty for being caught dumping – cost of doing business. An increased penalty for contractors might dissuade people from doing so. No signage (No Dumping) may need for both sides. Archibong will check on signage and penalties.
Ordinance House on Van Epps: Owner is moving trucks to other yards. Moves cars just enough so it is not a parking lot. , taking up space on both sides of the street. NA and Officer Sweet work regularly
Explosion of homeless people in the Village: One of the priorities the mayor has (Peachtree/Pine) all of those folks will be re-housed. Aggressive panhandling laws on the books – call 911. Housing for veterans – veteran’s initiative. Ed Gilgor – Homeless vs. Panhandling (break-out as separate issues – criminal vs. social service).
Reconstruct of Moreland and Glenwood: Moving along at snail’s pace; going through easements and right-of-way
Events and Updates:
Great American Backyard Campout, April 22 and 23, Jeanne Fore – Arts & Culture Chair: Zuber Jerrell House, April 22 and 23, load-in is from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Breakfast next day, tour of Zuber Jarrell House. $20 to stay the night/ $10 Day Pass
Community Garden and Earth Day Clean up, Mary Yetter – Public Spaces (Parks) Chair: Community Garden in middle of Brownwood Park (10 years strong). Encourage workdays/low on volunteers. Great space to grow veggies, meet your neighbors, fresh veggies. and Mary will guide you in the right direction.
Earth Day – April 22 from 10:00am to 1:00pm, Bouldercrest triangle. Nancy Hennessy will spearhead. Meeting at 10:00am and working for about three hours.
EAV Farmer’s Market kicks off Thursday, April 13 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm: 10th Season, Lots of good things to eat & see. Fresh local food to support the economy – BEER!!!! April 20 – Strawberry Toast for Angus Brown – Check out the Facebook Page.
Bike Repair Station, Howard McFadden – Transportation Chair: Provided pictures of repair stations. Facts: 2000 – 2010 ATL was one of the top 10 cities for bicycle commuting. ATL 8th most traffic commuted cities in the world – last year 11th. Encourages alternate mode of transportation. CoA created position – CBO (Chief Bicycle Officer). Issue for EAV – we were not included in the plan – stopped west of Moreland. Push to update the plan – east of Moreland is still not included. What can we do so we can be connected to bike paths throughout the city? Small steps – Bicycle Repair Station. Shows that we are vested in being connected to the various trails. Trolley Trail – Arkwright/North of 20 (no connection South of 20/East of Moreland). Location and cost of unit depends on model. $700 and up (station with pump is ~$1300). $1500 – $1600 total including install. HB: BTL Trail would provide interconnectivity from monuments to BeltLine to Stone Mountain. Kirkwood also has extensive BeltLine trails.
Membership: Two businesses joined EACA. 493 Flat Shoals Avenue. Get Fruity – 493B. Ongoing effort for membership – Introduction of Teresa. Initiative to members to bring at least 1 new member next month. Raffle someone will win GC. Bring a friend!!!!
Steve shared brochures on the BeltLine as well as updates on repairing your house.
Motion to approve last month’s minutes and spend. Approved.
Meeting ended at 8:32 pm.

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