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EACA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Opening Remarks 7:00pm. February 8, Meeting Minutes approved without objection.

Neighborhood Safety

Zone 6 Representative Report – not in attendance. Safety Committee, Myron Polster: He’s checking with DeKalb on the Smith Avenue shooting death. Very little info so far. Crime is a bit high, with many calls about a house on 455 East Side Avenue. Zone 6 officials are having special units focused on the area. Council Member Bakhtiari has met with neighbors of a problem home on Orange Blossom that’s owned by the same person as East Side. She’s compiled a list of the many reports given to police about this homeowner. She’s working with city and county officials and also the mayor’s office. Liliana continued with her planned updates. Her office is crowdsourcing issues for 311 and has sent a form link to constituents to report. Her district website will be up soon, and it will show progress made on the reported issues. Working on repairing the crosswalk in front of Branan Towers. Has shared info on business loans and is offering help on applying. See links in chat. Next coffee with a council member will be at Park Grounds on March 20. April version will be in East Atlanta. Next monthly community cleanup will be this weekend at the AutoZone on Moreland.

EAV Farmers Market Update, Katie Kriner: Market will open Thursdays starting March 31 from 4:00pm-7:00pm. See chat for more. Lots of events coming, including a plant sale on April 21.

Michelle Schreiner, Ph.D., Candidate, GA State House District 90: This district used to be 89 and currently held by Bee Nguyen. Michelle shared details about her background and why she’s running. See the chat for her website,  where you can find more details.

East Atlanta Business Association, Nate Minor: EABA is working to fill an administrative position, narrowing applications from sixteen down to four. Interviews will be done soon, and person will be hired in April. EABA has two openings on its board. If any EACA members are business owners and would like to be on the board, see email in chat.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee, Chase Miller: Thanks, and welcome to new members.

Finance Committee, Ralph Green: February 2022 Treasurer’s Report approved without dissent. Proposed 2022/2023 Budget approved without dissent.

Neighbor In Need Committee, Bill Gould: Update on the 443 Patterson Ave Tree Removal: 45-ton crane hoisted the tree chunk by chunk over the power lines and all that remains is a stump. Liliana’s office helped expedite street closing and also contributed cash. GA Power did a good job and Gunnison Tree Services gave a big discount on the work and did a quick job. EACA and NIN are still working on paying for the removal. TV coverage has helped. Anyone can still contribute. See the chat for info on how. Neighbor In Need hopes to be back to fundraising events soon and always welcomes volunteers.

Transportation Committee Report, Alicia Phillips: Flat Shoals Stop Signs – Liliana is sponsoring legislation to add 4-way stop signs on Flat Shoals at many cross streets. ATL department of transportation did a study and says more signs will slow traffic and make life safer for all.

Maynard Terrace Roundabout – This is to deal with traffic coming off I-20 and creates snags. GDOT has shared info, but has not set a date for work to start. Q: Will there be a 4-way at Flat Shoals and Pasley? Maybe a 4-way at FS and Bouldercrest would be a better option. A: There is not one planned for Pasley. May, Newton, Milton Place, and several others. Q: What about Stokeswood signs and issue with parking impeding traffic on Stokeswood? A: There’s a 4-way planned for Stokeswood and Pendleton. Some discussion about allowing parking just on one side of the street. Discussion ensued about how to present more information about the stop sign legislation to the EACA general membership.

East Atlanta Parent Network, Emily Ragsdale: Introduction to the East Atlanta Parent Network (EAPN) 3-5 p.m. March 26, 2022, EAPN Neighborhood Kick-Off at Farmers Market. Activities for kids and adults. They’re also already working on April events. If you’d like to volunteer or make donations of materials, email eapn@eaca.net.

Parks and Greenspace, Alex Levy: First Saturday of the month workdays continue, focusing on invasive species control. Community garden coordinator is needed. The previous coordinator is no longer able to manage it. Liliana and Alex will be meeting to re-inaugurate and revisiting of the park master plan. See chat for link to the existing (old) plan. Contact parks@eaca.net for more info or to volunteer on any of the above.

LUZ, Karla Causey: Non-Voting in Process Updates. [1] Z-22-014   Annexation (and Zoning) of four properties from uni-DeKalb to Atlanta proper. 2071, 2080, 2083, and 2084 Cavanaugh Avenue. [2] U-21-033 1222 McPherson Avenue – Highlanders School (Deferral extension per applicant). [3] V-21-295 349 Patterson Avenue -Withdrawal. [4] SAP-22-007 1206 Metropolitan Avenue repurpose Art Gallery – public comment submissions. [5] SAP-22-010 1296 Moreland Avenue – Broadstone at Moreland Avenue. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u7M1MZk9s3Hq3T20Nvl2KcoirM3P4QCY. Z=Zoning change, V=Variance. U=Special Use Permit to grant unpermitted use in zoning category and district with limited community input. SAP=Special Administrative Permit to grant unpermitted use in zoning category and district exempt from going through community and public review cycle. Approval with stroke of pen from city.

Community Announcements

March 26, 2022 – East Atlanta Community Association Parent Network Kick-Off 3:00pm – 5:00pm The Farmers Market. April 9, 2022 – Pushing Up Daisies Garden Tour 11:00am-6:00pm at Sylvester Cemetery.

April 16, 2022 – Easter Egg Hunt: Jennifer Freeman, representing Fulton County Commissioners chairman. See chat for her info. At the last board of commissioners meeting, they voted to help veterans. Also, senior centers have been reopened.

Closing Remarks. Adjournment at 8:20pm. Next meeting: April 12 at 7:00pm.


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