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EACA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Meeting begins 7:01pm.

Opening Remarks/Introductions

Zone 6 Update: Lt. J. Holt – apologizes for not responding to all messages quickly. He says do keep messaging him, however, and he will get back to you at some point. See chat for his contact info. He did receive messages about vendors on private property and they will look into it and keep EACA updated. Issues in Edgewood have been keeping them busy on the weekends. This is in reference to food trucks and booths popping up at the intersection of Flat Shoals and Glenwood. They made 11 arrests of Cop City protesters on the day of the vote. Q: Load cars continue to speed along Flat Shoals. Police have monitored successfully in the past. Can they do it again? A: Yes, he’ll have officers check it out. Q: More on the weekend food trucks and weekend charging for parking. Should people call 911? A: Yes. Tell them it’s not an emergency but you can report it and an officer will respond.

State/City/County Elected Officials. Councilwoman Natalyn Mosby Archibong (City of Atlanta, District 5), represented by Kevin Friend. They are working on the yard waste issue, planning legislation to pay a private contractor. Q: Any updates on the Glenwood/Moreland realignment. A: Have not gotten any updates lately. He’ll ask for one. Q: Trash around Moreland/I-20 exit. What can be done to clean that up? Also, can we get some additional/repaired/replace trash cans on the 1200 block of Glenwood Avenue? The cans are often overflowing. A: When they pick up falls under Public Works, where there is an employee shortage. He thanks Nancy Hennessey for cleaning up. He will make a request for more cans, replacement cans, but he can’t guarantee the request will be granted. Re the Moreland exit, there have been various complaints and they have sent PAD program representatives to work with the homeless campers, but the campers won’t accept help. That means the people can’t be moved. But he will request a cleanup of trash around the exit. Again, that will run into the Public Works staffing shortage. Q: Yard debris legislation is appreciated, but the debris just keeps piling up and nothing has been picked up for weeks. But reports are that it is being picked up in Buckhead. How can we get them here? A: People in Buckhead are complaining to Kevin as well. Various parts of the city have had debris picked up and it’s not based on neighborhood income. The commissioner does want to get things done and they are trying.

Commissioner Larry Johnson (DeKalb County) – Q: All of that is understood, but could there be a schedule released, even if it’s not weekly? A: He wishes that would happen and will ask Natalyn to make the request on our behalf. Comment: Some residents are combining their yard waste and then calling to arrange a bulk pickup and that seems to work. A: Kevin says he had three calls today complaining bulk pickups weren’t made and the cases were closed. Q: Parts of bicycles and suitcases are chained to the rack in front of the library and have been there for ages. Whose issue is that and who can get those moved? For all we know they are full of dangerous materials. A: Please let the authorities know. Kevin’s contact info is in the chat. Florence Coram, DeKalb Commissioner Johnson’s office: Let’s Move DeKalb will be giving out healthy food on Saturday from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Galleria South DeKalb Mall. At 6:00pm, there will be a block party at a senior center.

Approval of Meeting Minutes (August 10, 2021) – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-IIsaWmACcKZwhHfCpkfKORqOwAxikVh

Approval Treasurer’s Report (August 2021) – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bq14ZO8vCbM21lSmRIWHY4eHM


Trees Atlanta: Trees of Atlanta Tree Care/Pruning in Brownwood Park –September 23, 9:00am – 12:00pm, October 1 for Saturday workday. Trees of Atlanta Tree Sale – Order online at www.treesatlanta.org/treesale through September 20; Pickup Saturday, September 25. In-person event at The Carter Center, October 2, 8:00am-2:00pm.

EAV Farmers Market update – Katie Kriner. Thanks to EACA for funding new picnic tables at the market. Last week was the debut of the weekly booth for kids and it is funded by USDA. Kids get a free book, activity sheet and a $5 token to spend on fruits and veggies. Huge hit last week. This week there will be another plant to plate event, a partnership with Wholesome Wave. Plant sale with SNAP recipients get free tools and plants. People not on SNAP can buy plants. September 30 is the annual okra celebration, with free samples, music, hands on activities.

October: Pumpkin truck on the 7th and 21st. Free fall photos on the 28th. Wear a costume for your photo from Roots Realty photo booth. Apples are coming this week.

Committee Reports

Membership (membership@eaca.net) Chase Miller Thanks to members, especially new ones. We’re working on ways to make membership easier as far as knowing your status, and also considering moving to a 12-month membership rather than the calendar year membership that we have now. Also looking for a way to have an auto-renew option. Please share feedback by emailing the address above. We are renewing the tradition of naming a member of the year and business of the year, so consider who you would like to nominate. Join EACA! www.eaca.net/join-eaca $20 membership (per household); $45 (membership and sign) EACA Booth at Farmer’s Market (Next booth is October 7)

Public Safety and Welfare Alcohol License Application (Change of Ownership) – Buteco 2.0, LLC d/b/a Buteco NPU-W, passed vote of no recommendation at General Body, Wed. August 25 (17Y, 7N, 6A) Approved by Alcohol Review Board, September 7.

Land Use and Zoning (landuse@eaca.net): LUZ Committee Report/Vote – EACA has four special use permits to vote on:

U-21-013 765 Moreland Avenue – Park for Hire (charging to park) U-21-016 1245 Glenwood Avenue – Park for Hire, U-21-017 514 Flat Shoals Avenue – Park for Hire. NPU-W has voted no on all of the above. East Atlanta Business Association also recommended denial of the two East Atlanta locations. LUZ committee recommends against these SUPs. Motion made to accept the recommendation of LUZ for all three. Vote is 30 yay, 3 nays, 3 abstain, so the motion for denial is approved.

U-21-023 1088 Bouldercrest Drive- SUP for Whittlesticks, LLC. dba The Language Garden (preschool) This is for a preschool that has operated since 2010 and is going through a change of ownership and requests a permit to operate. LUZ recommends approval for 5 years. Motion made to approve LUZ recommendation. Vote: Yes 31, No 0, Abstain 4.

Discussion items:

U-21-015 876 Bouldercrest Drive- Food Truck Park

City has requested more info. EACA LUZ has submitted a list of questions/conditions for approval to the developer. This will come up for a vote at the end of September at EACA LUZ and then it will go to LUZ of NPU-W in October and then will come back to us. It is scheduled to be heard by the city in November.

Lengthy discussion ensued.

The Skyhaven Quarry – Design Options Survey (https://www.skyhavenquarry.com/)

Transportation (transportation@eaca.net): Rideshare pickup/drop-off zones. Atlanta DOT signage has been/will be going up soon at several spots. This will include no parking signs. One site will require a restripe near May and Flat Shoals. Next step will be working with the rideshare companies.

Flat Shoals traffic calming: Committee member brought a DOT official out to Flat Shoals to discuss the speeding and traffic bottleneck issues. DOT rep agreed there are things that can be done, such as three-way stop signs at several intersections. Council Member Archibong has been looped in on this info because she would have to file legislation to make things happen. DOT rep said concrete barriers would be a possibility that would take a long time.

South Moreland Ave Working Group (SMAWG) update from 9/1/2021 meeting Focusing on Moreland south of I-20 and the maintenance and resurfacing contract. That will be moving forward soon. Then a larger project that aims to address safety concerns that came out of the recent GDOT study that East Atlantans contributed to. SMAWG has had input into that. They have decided not to fight the GDOT plans for the Moreland and I-20 interchange, which they see as being designed only to get more vehicles through and not safety. They don’t think a fight would gain anything at this point. City Council candidate transportation conversations – will be posted on eaca.net soon!

Parks and Greenspace (parks@eaca.net): Brownwood Park Workday – 1st Saturday of each month, 9:00am-12:00pm (next workday-October 2) They need folks with pruning shears, loppers or even a chainsaw to clean up around the steps and sidewalk. Tree planting coming in November or early December, in conjunction with Trees Atlanta. Parks Department has removed a few dead trees recently. Ormewood Forest MOU – City of Atlanta Parks Department (update; draft of MOU has been sent to Councilwoman Archibong for her review and input) It looks like this will become a park in the next month or so. Volunteers will be needed to remove kudzu and help make a hiking trail. They are working to revive the Friends of Brownwood Park now that we have more green spaces in addition to Brownwood and especially the community garden there. – Call for volunteers. Please email Alex Levy at parks@eaca.net if interested!


East Atlanta Kids Club – 17th Annual Brownwood Bike Rally (All proceeds benefit EAKC!) See lots of info Ryan included in the chat. Please volunteer for the bike rally. https://eastatlantakids.org/brownwood-bike-rally Call for sponsors, volunteers, and participants! Virtual event ($15): Monday, September 13-Friday, September 17 in person event ($15): Saturday, September 18 Virtual + In-Person – Special Rate of $20!

Strut – September 25, 2021, from 12:00pm -6:00pm, http://eastatlantastrut.com/

EAV-o-Ween – Candy Chutes and Neighborhood Safe Treat on Sunday, October 31 at eaveditor@theporchpress.com Fairytale Forest – Brownwood Park, Saturday, October 30 Call for volunteers to help plan/coordinate. Please email education@eaca.net.

Leslie Ramirez: She is doing interviews with longtime residents in conjunction with EACA for the Porch Press. There will be another Village cleanup on September 26 at 10:00am.

Atlanta City Council candidate – District 5 at next month’s meeting, October 12 Samuel Bacote – www.votebacote.com.

Closing Remarks and Adjournment, 9:36pm.

Next meeting: October 12, 2021, 7:00pm.


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