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EACA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Meeting begins 7:00pm. Opening Remarks/Introductions.

Zone 6 Update: Lt. J. Holt, of the APD crime suppression unit. See chat for contact info. They have 40 arrest warrants out many for domestic violence. Large increase in vehicle break-ins, so take everything out of your car. Nate Minor: Concerns have been raised about the food vendors that turn up in the lot of the former Dollie’s. EABA has talked to police about doing drive-by to make sure there are proper permits. Lt. Holt says his unit does deal with that kind of issue. It’s also a problem in Little Five Points. He’ll check it out here. 

State/City/County Elected Officials

Representative Bee Nguyen (House District 89) represented by Maria Banjo: She notes state is cleaning up the voter registration rolls, and even some regular voters are being purged, so please check to make sure you haven’t been taken off. Redistricting is coming this fall, but the committee will not be bipartisan, so there is little involvement Bee can have. If anyone is having issues with unemployment compensation, her contact info will be in the chat

Councilwoman Natalyn Mosby Archibong (City of Atlanta, District 5) represented by Kevin Friend: Finance executive committee will vote tomorrow on the prison farm proposal. He has received many comments about the proposal and Natalyn has seriously considered them. Nate Minor asks which way Natalyn is leaning on the prison farm vote. Kevin says she understands and agrees with the mayor that police training facilities need improvement, and a new facility may be needed, but does not believe the prison farm is the best location.  Nate says he would like monthly updates on the Glenwood-Moreland realignment. Kevin says he will work on getting more updates and he’ll also reach out to the affected businesses. Alex Levy – thanks for the update on the Natalyn’s prison farm opinion. Alex – Could we get better trash cans at Brownwood Park for use by East Atlanta Kids Club and other events at Brownwood Park? Also, mowing crews are scalping the turf at the south end of the park and soil is washing off onto the sidewalk and street on Ormewood. Kevin says he’ll work on the trash cans and asks Alex to send him an email about the erosion and he will forward the info to the appropriate people. Alex also noted there’s a huge dead limb that threatens to fall on someone. Kevin says he’ll work on that problem as well.

Commissioner Larry Johnson (DeKalb County) represented by LaShun Atwaters: Back to school uniform drive on Aug 28 at 11 a.m. They also will offer Covid vaccines, with $250 gift cards for first 200 people who get vaccinated. There will be another incentive when folks get their second shot. In October, there will be an event in which community members can meet DeKalb police officers.

Meeting Minutes approved (July 13, 2021). Treasurer’s Report approved (July 2021).


Atlanta City Council Candidate – District 5 Spotlight (10 mins.) Doug Williams – www.doug4atl5.com. Please see recording of the meeting for Doug’s presentation.

Music Together at Decatur (3 mins.) – Wendy Snell: Offering classes for children at Brownwood Park, from toddlers to second graders. The classes are outside and held socially distanced. Classes will be on Saturdays. They will offer two half-scholarships to families who need assistance participating in the classes. It will start the Saturday after Labor Day. When: 11-week Fall Session, Where: Brownwood Park.

Committee Reports

Membership (membership@eaca.net): Join EACA! www.eaca.net/join-eaca o $20 membership (per household); $45 (membership and sign) EACA Booth at Farmer’s Market (Next booth is September 9)

Public Safety and Welfare: Alcohol License Application (Change of Ownership) – Buteco 2.0, LLC d/b/a Buteco. This is for beer, wine and entertainment at the former Graveyard restaurant and bar. This will be discussed in more detail at the NPU-W public safety committee meeting. Mindy Thompson, representing the owner, says this would be a license for Buteca only, not the other businesses at the Southern Feedstore. There already is a Buteca in the Beacon in Grant Park. Rafa Pereira is another of the proprietors who also attended. Nate Minor: What’s the logistical process for one business in a food hall getting a liquor license. Mindy says this means Buteca will be selling alcohol from their stall. If any other booths want to sell, they’d have to get their own license. Nate asks if the facility is limiting other businesses in the Feedstore from getting licenses. Philippe Pellerin says Buteca will be the only alcohol stall.  Michael Alatalo: Does the application include live entertainment. A) Yes. Michael asks how that works in a shared space? Mindy: They would offer the music in their space, but it would be heard throughout the building. The band would be set up in part of their licensed premises.  Henry Bryant: Where will people drinking sit? Can they buy food from somewhere else? Mindy says seating will be down the Joseph Avenue side of the building.

Dawn Rivera: Why is this listed as a change of ownership rather than a new license? Mindy: Change because this is the former Graveyard 1245 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 5, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Land Use and Zoning (landuse@eaca.net): V21-152 1516 Van Vleck (EACA votes 15 for, 0 against, 16 abstain) – This is a swimming pool on the corner of Van Vleck and Blake. Because of the corner lot, the pool is close to the right-of-way and a variance is needed. Committee voted in favor of this.

Ongoing community input for CDP + ADU comment submission period. Two pieces of the CDP are up for comment. One is high-capacity transit stations. Within a half-mile from the stations there will be a change in zoning for more housing density. The second issue changes the rules for accessory dwelling units. Please familiarize yourself with these proposals. See links from chat for more details. It also will be emailed to EACA members. This also will be discussed at NPU-W land use and zoning committee on Sept 1.  There will be another session on August 21 via Zoom. Also look for info on this in the EACA newsletter. A council member will be holding a town hall meeting on Thursday. Michael Alatalo notes these proposals also will affect the requirements for housing to have associated parking. The committee will have a candidate forum at its August 18 meeting. The Quarry community engagement meetings (www.thequarryeastatlanta.com). First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, 816 Maynard Terrace, Atlanta, GA (currently): Saturday, August 14, 11:00am-1:00pm; Thursday, August 26, 6:00pm-8:00pml; Saturday, September 11, 11:00am-2:00pm. SUP updates (Defer/Deny for 60 days to allow public input from immediately affected community); 3 upcoming meetings. Food truck lot-876 Bouldercrest Drive (Scope of Activities; Requirements for site). Info from these meetings will be compiled and sent to EACA members. Most feedback has been positive so far. There was 20 minutes of back and forth over whether food trucks are an allowed use on this property. Zoom meetings on Mon., August 9 (noon) and Thursday, August 12 at 7:30pm. On-site meetings on Monday, August 16 (12:00pm) and Saturday, August 21 (11:00am). Park for Hire (Defer/Deny – time for EABA to review and provide input) – Four special use permits have been requested in our area. The vote was tabled to give time for input. SAND voted to deny the special use permit for Moreland and Ormewood and it also was denied at NPU-W. Grant Park has deferred the request made in its jurisdiction.

Transportation (transportation@eaca.net): Glenwood/Moreland realignment update. Union Battle Trail subcommittee – call for group lead volunteer. South Moreland Avenue Working Group (SMAWG) update. Road paving – quick response project. 

City Council candidate transportation conversations: May 17: Mandy Mahoney (meeting recording available); June 7: Sam Bacote (meeting recording available); June 21: Liliana Bakhtiari (meeting recording available); July 19: Katie Kissel (meeting recording available); August 16: Doug Williams.

Parks and Greenspace (parks@eaca.net): Brownwood Park Workday – 1st Saturday of each month, 9:00am-12:00pm (next workday-September 4). Ormewood Forest MOA – City of Atlanta Parks Department (ongoing).


BATL Tour – Civil War to Civil Rights Tour, August 15, 3:00pm; $15 per ticket. Available for purchase at www.batlevent.org.

NPU-W/V Zoning Reform Work Session, Saturday, August 21 from 11:00am-12:30pm. Zoom meeting – Link will be posted on www.cityofatlantanpu-w.org.

Strut – September 25, http://eastatlantastrut.com. Sponsors and donors needed. Contact info@eastatlantastrut.com.

East Atlanta Kids Club – 17th Annual Brownwood Bike Rally (All proceeds benefit EAKC!),  https://eastatlantakids.org/brownwood-bike-rally. Call for sponsors, volunteers, and participants! Virtual event ($15): Monday, September 13-Friday, September 17

In person event ($15): Saturday, September 18

Virtual + In-Person – Special Rate of $20!

Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden – Michelle Rice, Fridays at 9:00am, adults only currently, Garden work and harvesting, please contact BPAgarden@gmail.com with questions and plant donation info!

Porch Press (porchpress@eaca.net) – Henry Bryant: Finances are not looking good. Paper now has enough for four more months. Please advertise or donate. Call for East Atlanta news and articles; Email Carlen Hultgren at eaveditor@theporchpress.com. Deadline: 25th of each month

Closing Remarks and Adjournment 9:46pm.

Next meeting: September 14, 7:00pm.


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