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EACA Meeting – August 8, 2017

EACA Meeting
August 8, 2017
Welcome – Lewis Cartee, President
Atlanta Police Department
Committee Updates
Land Use & Zoning – Andy Schneggenburger, Chair
Variance Application (v. 17.199), 446 Blake Ave SE
Variance Application (v.17.205), 760 Brownwood Ave
East Atlanta Security Patrol – Myron Polster, Director
East Atlanta Kids Club – Jill Sieder, Director
Committee Updates
Closing Remarks and Adjournment
Meeting start at 7:04 pm
Welcomes & Announcements
Update from Atlanta Police Department East Atlanta Update – Sgt. Nelms 24-year veteran. Down 4% from 2016. City Update – Lowering, approx. 10% Goals – Police smarter. Q&A – Stokeswood robbery – Suspect last seen on Stokeswood towards Moreland. Robbery detective attempting to see if similar crimes can be connected. Shooting in front of PD in Kirkwood Sunday evening at ~8:52pm turned over to homicide; no leads.
Community Updates
New Resident Welcome – Maria Banjo (Campaign Manager for Monique Keane) running for District 89. Discussion regarding last month’s meeting. Discussion at last month’s meeting become very heated. The mission of EACA is to provide an inclusive environment. One of opportunity for people to be heard; we need to recognize the value of allowing for a place for open dialogue and people to be heard. Encouraging self-policing in meetings. We strive to uphold the value written in our mission and provide a place for people to speak. Lewis shared story – agreeing to disagree with these three principles (Respectful, Appropriate time & Support your argument)
Variance Applications – (v. 17.199), 446 Blake Avenue reduction of front yard setback to allow for porch. NPU voted unanimously. 31ft/not extending footprint; adding a porch 5ft. Home currently 1.5 stories; trying to make a full 2 stories. Spoke with neighbor on left (all for it – 100% behind it) Motion to approve – 25-0-1 Variance Application (v.17.205), 760 Brownwood Avenue – Side yard setback 7 ft. to 3.5ft to build accessory structure (shed). One street over from the park. All neighbors gave approval – with one caveat – no drainage issues. NPU voted unanimously. Motion to approve 25-0-1. Variance from last month – Appearing before zoning review board next Thursday at 6:00pm. NPU denied application. Anyone welcome to attend as visible voice of community (wear green shirt – on sale); welcome to speak but must sign up early. ZRB will make recommendation to City Council. Ownership doesn’t allow for rezoning. Important that we speak to the merits; refrain from Forest Q&A Q: Has the property been purchased A: States under contract – closing date getting pushed out.
Committee Updates
Arts & Culture – Movies (Labyrinth, Goonies & Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone) EAV-O-Ween – For the trick or treating position, we are going to try and get the streets closed down.
East Atlanta Strut – Sunday, September 23.. Need volunteers – approx. 250 – 10,000 participants. Wristbands, games. Volunteer T-shirts, wrist band for (2) beverages, 2 pairs of tickets for Atlanta United game on October 21. Go to the East Atlanta strut site and select Volunteers. EACA will be at the Strut selling T-shirts. Pre-sale wristband sales.
NIN (Neighbor in Need) – Hire contractors to help with repairs for seniors in our neighborhood. $28K in the bank at start of the year; $16K in repairs thus far. Night under the Big Top (vintage circus theme) – Saturday, October 21. $50 general admission /$100 VIP (300 tickets – cap) Available on EACA website. Venue: 749 Flat Shoals (Gould Home). Street Raffle Baskets (e.g. Marbut (Book Basket).
East Atlanta Security Patrol – Myron Polster, Director. Volunteer org in our community; officers who live in the community. $50 per quarter – goes back into the community for patrols. Do not patrol 24 hours – call 911 first. Armed, in uniform, full arrest powers (not a rent-a-cop) Special officer – September free if you join by the end of August. Lost 13 members this quarter – higher turnover than previously. Adding patrol hours this week – the evening. 10 burglaries in the last 3 days. Additional feature – extra patrol service while out of town. Q&A – Q: Do you have to be a member to call EASP? A: No, would like it but no. If you like the service, hopefully you will join. 404-954-1568 (manned by volunteers) Some of the volunteer officers work the EA beat. EASP will typically spend more time in a neighborhood with multiple members as compared to one member.
East Atlanta Kids Club – Jill Sieder, Director. What is Kids Club ( – Nonprofit organization founded in 1998 by members of the neighborhood. Benefits growth of local kids. Elementary through High School. At Rec Center in Brownwood Park – Kids Club 2 – 5 tutoring TEEN Club – M/HS enrichment activities. STEAM based – 60 – 80% of the children are making improvements. Painting a mural in a couple of weeks. Many children from under-resources families – encourage involvement even one day a week. Amechi Elko (Program Director) EAKC is doing great things. If you have a talent – EAKC can use you. Nurturing environment and driven by our community – Thank you!!! If interested in hearing more or volunteering – please reach out.
Teen Club – Music & Beat Club. Brownwood Bike Rally – Saturday, September 16. Bike races for kids and adults Sanovis Bank partner for bike rally.
Candidate Introductions
Monique Keane – State House 89 – Lives in Brighton Village.
Lawyer with private practice, previously a public defender
Sachin Varghese – State House 89 – Taught public school, attended law school (most proud of pro bono work) More Georgians have opportunities to work hard and get ahead.
Liliana Bakhtiari – Atlanta City Council – District 5, Born in Atlanta.
Worked in this district. Focused efforts on living justice – affordable housing, more parks, developing relationships, BoE & APS. Ensure we aren’t developing out the people that are the backbone of Atlanta.
Lewis Cartee – ABOE District 3
Motion to approve last month’s minutes & spend approved
Meeting ended at 8:20 pm

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