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EACA July 2021 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Meeting begins 7:00pm.

Opening Remarks/Introductions — Sarah Thanks to everyone who attended the Pride trivia event at the Midway and to those who donated raffle prizes. Thanks also to the Midway. We raised about $2250 for the Maynard Jackson High School Gay Straight Alliance.

State/City/County Elected Officials • Councilwoman Natalyn Mosby Archibong (City of Atlanta, District 5), represented by Kevin Friend: They have reported the giant pothole on Moreland to GDOT and GDOT will be working on it.

Karlyn Beer (Transportation) notes that major work is planned for Moreland.

Alex Levy (Parks and Greenspace) has contacted Natalyn about the Prison Farm swap and he has not heard back. Kevin says Natalyn intends to give Alex a call. Margaret Spalding and the group she leads, the South River Watershed Alliance, are also concerned about Natalyn’s input into the Prison Farm issue. 

Kevin asks Margaret to send notes on the group’s next meeting.

Commissioner Larry Johnson (DeKalb County), represented by Florence Coram: Johnson is now president of NACo, the National Association of Counties.

Zone 6 Update Sgt. J Dorsey: Crime is up in the zone, but our beat is not as worrisome as some of the others. There has been a man robbing East Atlanta businesses with a revolver. Police are working undercover to catch him.  Sarah asked about the two-hour response time to a recent incident at We Suki Suki. Sgt. Dorsey asked her to send more info via email, and that slow response times can usually be attributed to officers dealing with a major crime or many traffic accidents.  Ed Gilgor notes police prioritize crimes in action rather than a crime that has already happened.

Approval of Meeting Minutes (June 8, 2021) — Approved. 

Approval Treasurer’s Report- June 2021 — Approved.

Guests: Atlanta City Council Candidate – District 5 Spotlight Katie Kissel – Please refer to the recording of the meeting for Kissel’s presentation.

EAV Market – Katie Kriner, market manager. Update: On August 5, the Core Response Covid vaccination van will be at the front of the market for anyone who needs a free vaccine. August 12 – Popup restaurant returns. There is a new weekly meat vendor, which the market hasn’t had for a while. There also will be a cut flower vendor. Plus, more Farmers Market swag will be available, including tie-dyed T-shirts and 10 free yard signs. See chat for Katie’s email to request a sign. Free shopping bags for first-time SNAP shoppers. The market doubles EBT. When: Thursdays from 4-8pm, Where: EAV Farmer’s Market, 572 Stokeswood (entrances on Flat Shoals and Stokeswood) EACA Booth – August 5 

Committee Reports:

Membership ( Chase Miller EACA is planning more activities as we come out in person. If you’d like to help, please email Chase. $20 membership (per household); $45 (membership and sign) EACA Booth at Farmer’s Market (Next booth is August 5) Public Safety and Welfare.

Zone 6 Virtual Town Hall – Postponed (awaiting new date) Residents/business owners of Zone 6 

Transportation ( Karlyn Beer – email her with any questions on the items below. Also, refer to the recording of the meeting for informational slides Karlyn presented.  Glenwood/Moreland realignment – contractors are back working after the gas scare.   Union Battle Trail – Next meeting July 29. Expecting updates from the city on how acquiring property will work.  Designated rideshare pickup/drop-off update – ATLDOT is still reviewing the committee’s request for sites. This has been going on since mid-May, so a new strategy to get action may be needed.

South Moreland Avenue Working Group (SMAWG) update – will be hearing about the Moreland resurfacing project. A smooth road may inspire drivers to speed, so SMAWG is working to get ahead of that. Waiting for results of pedestrian head count. Trying to clarify who has responsibility for condition of sidewalks on Moreland, as GDOT and city differ on who should take care of them. Steve Carr suggests she contact our state legislators. There is an opening for an EACA representative on SMAWG. Contact Karlyn if you’re interested.

EACA Transportation social media – Like/Follow/Subscribe Twitter @eaca_transpo. City Council candidate transportation conversations on May 17: Mandy Mahoney (meeting recording available) on June 7: Sam Bacote (meeting recording available) on June 21: Liliana Bakhtiari (meeting recording available) on July 19: Katie Kissel on August 2: Doug Williams.

Parks and Greenspace ( Alex Levy: Prison Farm Development – EACA Resolution (requiring a vote) The city is considering using the old Prison Farm for a police training center. Margaret Spalding shows a map of the South River Forest Vision Area, which would protect multiple greenspaces in the South River watershed. Alex notes the Prison Farm plan was a bit of a blindside for those who’ve been involved in the South River area. It has been expected the city was onboard with a plan to turn the Prison Farm into a park or greenspace. But now the Atlanta Police Foundation is seeking a lease on the property and says it has been working on this for four years. Alex proposes EACA back a letter that urges the city to oppose using the Prison Farm for a training center, but also supports a study of what would be good sites for a police training center, because EACA recognizes the importance of police training. Discussion ensues. Vote is 29 in favor, no oppose, no abstentions. Trees Atlanta Work Day – Brownwood Park – Friday, July 23: Brownwood Park Work Days – 1st Saturday of each month, 9am-noon (next work day-August 7) Japanese chaff flower is being attacked. Ormewood Forest MOA – City of Atlanta Parks Department and EACA are trying to determine what the agreement for care of the property means; is it an outline of possibilities or is it a list of certainties?

Land Use and Zoning ( Karla Causey East Atlanta – National Register of Historic Places, Stephanie Cherry-Farmer. East Atlanta Historic District is now listed nationally. It’s one of the biggest listed districts in Georgia in terms of properties, including more than 3,000 properties. She showed some historic documents that were unearthed in the process of applying for the listing. Thanks to EACA for supporting this financially. This doesn’t regulate what happens to the neighborhood’s historic buildings but does provide financial incentives for those who want to preserve properties. Q: Are there programs the neighborhood greenspaces or Sylvester Cemetery could take advantage of because of this listing? A: Stephanie says not that she knows of but that she will do some research. Henry Bryant notes there are some grants that have been used for the Civil War monuments. Karla also has been doing research. The case numbers below are requests for special use permits. LUZ committee voted to defer deny all of them for 60 days. There will be a separate meeting for neighbors to discuss these on July 26 at 7 p.m. More details about how people can join the meeting will be shared via email, online and on social media. U-21-015 876 Bouldercrest Dr – Philippe Pellerin has requested a special use permit application to set up a food truck area with 6-10 vendors. This plan was positively received in committee with some concerns. LUZ, Transportation and EABA are working on recommendations for this plan, most regarding washing stations, restrooms, parking, etc. LUZ has voted to defer this for 60 days. Rafa Pereira attended EACA meeting to represent Philippe. Q: Is there a site plan? A (Pereira): Yes. A layout was presented. There will be tent vendors in addition to trucks, with about four trucks. They want to have a variety of foods. There are no parking spaces on the site, but they are looking at renting parking nearby during food lot hours. They are thinking about renovating restrooms in a nearby building or may build bathrooms and wash stations on the food lot. Q: (Jenny Murray for Ed) What other type of activities would be allowed under this SUP, and can the SUP be time-limited? A: Ed says they can be time limited. SUPs are used to get functions that are not generally allowed on a site. U-21-016 1245 Glenwood Road – SUP request for paid parking by Philippe Pellerin. LUZ committee voted to defer deny for 60 days. U-21-017 514 Flat Shoals Avenue – SUP request by Philippe Pellerin for paid parking. U-21-013 765 Moreland Avenue – This is the shopping center at Ormewood and Moreland. SUP request for paid parking. CDP and Beltline Overlay – LUZ is making additions to make sure East Atlanta is accurately represented. Sarah will share details of this effort online and/or via email. Quarry Project. LUZ has made a lot of progress working with the developer and Karla will have more info on that soon.

Announcements: Instead of Neighbor in Need Day of Service – East Atlanta Community Cleanup (EACA+EABA+NPU-W+APAB, etc.) – Sponsored and organized by Leslie Ramirez of House of Ramirez. July 18, 10-2pm – Meet in front of East Atlanta Copy.

B*ATL Tour – The Battle Starts Here Tour – Henry Bryant. Q: Will BATL be ramping back up to a bigger event? A: Henry says volunteers wore themselves out on the big events for not as much return as they needed to help the monuments. They will do something big if the monuments ever get restored. July 18, 3pm; $15 per ticket. Also, a Civil War to Civil Rights tour planned in August. Tickets available for purchase at Strut – September 25, 2021 – Sign up online to volunteer to deliver fliers in July and/or September. Sponsors, Donors, Strut your Street

Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden: Fridays at 9am, adults only currently Garden work and harvesting – garden has donated 400 pounds of food to the community so far this summer. Please contact with questions.

Porch Press ( – Henry Bryant: Call for East Atlanta news and articles – Deadline: 25th of each month – Email Carlen Hultgren at

Closing Remarks and Adjournment – meeting adjourned 10:00pm. Next meeting: August 10, 2021, 7pm – Meet City Council-District 5 candidate: Doug Williams.

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