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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (online meeting)

Meeting starts 7:02pm.

Opening Remarks – Sarah Kuehn (Myron away)

Introduction of Public Officials

Sgt. Derrick Jones, Zone 6 police rep 678-234-8839, Assigned to the day watch and now as a representative our neighborhood. No major updates. Crime is down in the zone. Q: Protesters are using amplified music at Planned Parenthood every Monday and Wednesday. Can something be done about that? Officers called to the scene have not done anything. A: Sgt. Jones says they’ll assign someone to check it out if there are no other pressing calls. He’ll make sure the officers know the various rules that apply, such as the Peeping Tom rule. Lt. Carrol (sp) says there’s also an officer paid by the clinic to work there.

Council Woman Natalyn Archibong: She has been in contact with various officials asking how to best protect the clinic. Homeland Security may also be involved.  Council has pending legislation on short-term rentals that was generated after problems with party houses in Buckhead. She isn’t in favor of the legislation as written. Planning commission meetings have gone virtual and she wants to keep that. Attendance has risen.  Virtual town hall meeting coming Oct 29 6:30-8:00pm. Send her questions for the meeting.

Lashun Atwaters representing DeKalb County: The 2020 Census deadline has been extended, but please do your census as soon as possible.  Prison farmland swap was passed today. Next step is to run an ad for six weeks. She will send the Power Point presentation from an earlier meeting and was asked to send the terms of the deal that were voted on. She will look into sending that. The recording of the meeting also can be watched on the DeKalb County website. Swap is discussed at the end of the meeting.   Margaret Spalding Brady will share the documentation on what Blackhall is doing.

NPU-W- Call for EACA representatives – Sarah: There are eight spots available for EACA representatives, with at least one that nobody has asked to fill.

EACA nominating committee interest – Sarah. We need several people to work on recruiting and nominating the 2021 EACA board. We also need someone to take over the website committee, activities committee and join the membership committee.

Plantlanta – Jacob Kennedy: Community forestry organization that works throughout the city to preserve the city’s tree canopy, which is the largest percentage of any city.  Plantlanta is a weekend of planting across all City Council districts. Patterson and Metropolitan will have trees planted on November 6 from 8:30 to 12:30. He’ll post map and link to volunteer info in the chat. There will be multiple shifts because of Covid concerns. Meet at Glenwood and Patterson.

Dekalb Schools – Paul Sanon: DeKalb County has hired a private firm to create a comprehensive 10-year master plan for schools in an attempt to optimize the efficiency of all the county schools.  Input from families in this area will be requested via surveys and he urges those folks in the southern part of the county to make their voices heard. (Most in the EACA boundaries are city of Atlanta schools, but not all.) Paul is at 678-536-9858 (email in chat)

(Power outage stalled meeting.)

EABA update – Nate Minor: EABA has a number of projects it wants to complete, but due to suffering businesses, the EABA budget is not what was expected, so EABA has started a GoFundMe (link in chat). In addition to the GoFundMe there will be some merchandise coming in the next few weeks to raise money, so stay tuned to EABA on social media.

Land Use and Zoning Committee – Karla Causey:

  1. Z20128 pool appeal – city denied a pool at 1720 Flat Shoals Road because city deemed pool location too close to the neighbor. Permit has been sent back through asking for an exception. Tamara Feliciano is the applicant. Neighbors say they support the pool. NPU is now willing to support it if the neighbors do. EACA grants conditional approval for pool, pending letters from affected neighbors. Will now be voted on by NPU.
  2. z20107 b20107 Thrive/Toll development at Bouldercrest and Flat Shoals. One portion of the site design for single-family homes was denied because it did not coincide with the historic layout of East Atlanta. Thrive has appealed, which will go to the ZRB in November.  Jennifer Murray says the shape of the lots is the issue. 404-797-1100 if you want to help Jen prepare a response to the appeal. EACA voted to support the city’s original subdivision denial.
  3. z2069 Ordinance that broadly prohibits short-term rentals. This is the Buckhead provision Natalyn referenced earlier. LUZ has voted to oppose the ordinance. EACA also votes to oppose the ordinance.
  4. z2007 Ordinance for special use permits regarding development of single-family homes on land-locked parcels. LUZ has voted in favor of this ordinance if it’s applied to special use permits. Much confusion about this ordinance expressed in meeting discussion. Vote tabled while we seek additional info.
  5. Update on Heritage development of Ormewood Forrest parcel: Various reports have been received from the developer, but architects are still working on the revised site plan. That should be coming later this week. LUZ meeting will go over it on the last Monday of the month at 7:00pm.

East Atlanta Strut – Jeanne Fore: One of the few festivals to have a physical presence. Need someone to help with sponsorship for 2021. Contact

EAVoween – Jeanne Fore: See the note from the EACA newsletter on Monday that lists various activities planned to substitute for the traditional trick-or-treating in the Village. If you want kids to come to your house, please do it at the edge of your property and put candy out on a table while you stand back. You also can donate new or gently used costumes to be distributed to kids in need. Drop on the porch at Marbut and Blake. Contact Jeanne at for details.

Land swap update — Margaret Spalding Brady of Stop the Swap: Land swap was authorized by the county, but Trust for Public Land still needs to approve changes to the deed to the land before the deal can go through. Nothing in writing binds Blackhall studios to anything it has promised. See chat for contact at Trust for Public Land to share your thoughts on the deed restriction decision. if you want to donate to the legal fund on this issue. Long discussion ensued.

EAV Placemaking – Sarah Kuehn: Crosswalks are nearly done. Last one is curing.  Second part of the grant will be the EAV Perch outside Joe’s Coffee. That’s going through permitting.

Blood Drives – Dawn Rivera: Was hoping to set up a blood drive in conjunction with EAVOWeen but that’s not happening because of a date conflict with a drive in Grant Park, which is Wed, Oct. 28 from noon until 5. When we do have a drive, probably in mid-November, it will once again be at Village Church.

NPU-W Impact Grant – Andy Cleary: See chat for PDF explaining the grant. Please let artists know what’s going on and please join the brainstorming sessions. Nominate judges via Andy or Dawn.  More info also will be in the next Porch Press.

Alcohol License – Hippin Hops – Ed Gilgor: Ed was asked to review the application. NPU gave a conditional yes and the conditions have been met. This will be in the former East Lake Pharmacy and it will be a brew pub. License is in the name of the Donnica August Boston, who co-owns the business with her husband. EACA voted to support the license application. EACA approved.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report 

Approval of the September Minutes

Final Remarks Meeting Adjourned 10:10pm.

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