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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2019

Meeting start at 7:08pm

Welcome & Announcements – New Neighbors

Public Safety (Police & Fire)

Introducing the new Zone 6 Assistant Commander for the East Atlanta beat – Captain Antonio B. Clay II ( best way to get into contact. Don’t wait to build up! Major Klotzer promoted a couple of weeks ago. Born and raised in ATL, loves the community. Crime Updates – 1533 Van Epps – took owner to court and won. Can go in and remove. 2 burglaries in 30 days 655 Stokeswood / 1833 Flat Shoals – fingerprints waiting for results. Arrests – Amanda Pritchett (charged with prowling) 6 priors 1781 Glenaire Court. 493 Flat Shoals – boyfriend/girlfriend breaking into vehicles. Van Epps – arrest for aggravated assault. altercation with roommate. Best update in 15 years. 3/17 Zone 6 is picking up Cheshire Bridge/Grady High School – 14 beats, 8 new officers to cover those beats. Q: Firing range – noise abatement (can ask about that). Q: Speeding on Moreland and cut through traffic – reach out to moto unit – downside they will write tickets out to everyone. It takes the community to hold the courts accountable. Keith Lamar our local prosecutor.

Claude Person Capt. at Station 13 – New engine for community – great as current is 19 years old. Not too many fires; last was end of Feb on Custer. Install smoke detectors and hand out CO2 units; come by station to pick up or schedule install. Car seats, Blood pressure checks Q: Safety tips for kids -Close bedroom doors reduce temp in room and keeps away from smoke which is leading cause of death in house fire. Practice a drill – where are you going to meet if there is a hectic situation.

EACA 2019 Budget Proposal: Membership would vote on expenditures. Took different approach – authorization to spend money. In bylaws – every check is listed on monthly spend report. Motion to approve – passed unanimously. ExCom has authority to make expenditures – Bylaws are on Discussed raising memberships dues from $10 per household to $20.

Upcoming Events

Neighbor in Need – East Atlanta Spring Poker Tournament and EACA Meet and Greet – Midway Pub, Sat. March 23 at 10:00am. Free to enter – 300 in chips. $500 Visa GC as prize. Proceeds go to NiN. Community Outreach will be joining; Begins hour later. There will be Chips & Salsa, Boiled peanuts. Electronics Recycling Event – next Sat at Farmer’s Market. Volunteer day in April – Painting a house

Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden’s Orchard Anniversary Celebration – BPA campus, Friday April 12 at 5:00pm. ASW Whiskey Giveback for Neighbor in Need – East Atlanta – ASW Distillery, Thursday, April 18 at 4:30pm. Check it out at NiN FB page. Red Clay Comedy Fest – various venues during an Oct weekend – 5th year – in EAV for 3 years. October 4, 5 & 6th (all indoors excluding tent outside of Midway). Inside Earl, Brigade (argosy) 529 and Midway. In past local businesses have donated to swag bags. Q: Attendance: ~2500 over 3 days 2nd Tuesday of the month host Date Night @ Argosy. for more details. May 18 – East Atlanta Beer Fest.

Education: Dine-out for BPA March 13th 4 – 8pm at Holy Taco (say BPA) 15% goes back to the school. Kindergarten round up continues through tomorrow; if you miss it you can enroll throughout the year. List of required docs on BPA website. MJHS Cluster baseball is March 28 @ 5:55pm first pitch – Free popcorn, First 30 adults free. MLK families / perspective parents should speak with Lewis Cartee. Donors choose and GoFundMe’s for schools in our cluster – check it out. BPA Book Faire next week

New EAV Business Intro – OxFit and OxWork. Antony & Lauren opened OxFit in 2016. Looking for the community to build and grow business – OxWork team of people and share ideas. OxWork opened this week. Katy is managing. Email Check out to see transformation. Former church is now OxWork / Grocery Store will be OxFit.

Bird Scooter Rep: Black & White scooter company. CoA has passed regulation – permitted. Service 4 equity areas (equity. neighborhood) Summerhill, Atlanta Uni Center, Food deserts, Education deserts. Last mile transportation. Community Mode: use it to report damaged birds in the app. Badly parked bird (per CoA ordinance) there is a local team in Atlanta that will come and get. Report unsafe riders; Provide as much info as possible. Where (address or intersection) QR code on top (helpful but not required) Same as community impact zones????. Email

Update on the process to re-start the East Atlanta Business Association. Nate Minor – Economic Dev Chair – 1st meeting EABA founding members a few weeks ago. ~27 people filled out survey; more people there. Next session at OxWork – March 28 at 6:00pm. Looking to grow group – home biz, brick & mortar. If you choose not to participate, you don’t have a voice. Community feedback was incredible – on EABA coming back as well as the consultant working with the team. Excited to see biz owners. Any questions, reach out to Nate at

Land Use and Zoning

Z-18-117 – 820 Flat Shoals Ave SE: 2 applications associated. C-1 and R-4 (PDH – planned development housing) Comprehensive development plan change. Submitted to ZRB – it has been pulled. Thrive looking to put townhomes on the property. Community has consistently voted against – recommend to LUZ was to deny. NPU recommendation may change to full denial. Q: Defer/deny Motion to deny – Unanimously accepted motion to deny. 19 townhomes.

839 – moved ahead 7 townhomes. If we want NC zoning, we need to get moving. Q: What can’t be in C1? A: It is very open ended; if we don’t like it, we need to change the rules. We want development that is consistent with the community. City ordinance on scooters (parking do’s & don’ts) look online.

525 Moreland: Proposing significant of a change that they felt they needed to meet with the community. 8 properties under contract 4 zoned R4 4 are NC2. Over 400 surveys – 5 options – neighbors rated and took highest rated #2. Began talks with Affordable Housing partner – object was to figure out how we meet their minimum requirements. Had 25 – needed 17 more with a total of 42. Met needs of residential dev / affordability in housing (Ray Development Group) Retains apartments for income of $26K $54K annual income. Concern on shared parking – reviewed shared parking analysis – will need a parking variance. Info can be found on the 525 website. Height setback variance/parking variance. Benefits out way – Back next month for official vote.

Ormewood Church – March 23 11:00am to 1:00pm. Posted on EACA and Ormewood park FB pages, website, yard signs for meetings. Private developer – federal finance source. Highly regulated and highly monitored. Rigorous screening of families interested in living there and high upkeep. How much is there for bike lanes?

Motion to adopt financial report and notes

Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Adjourn 8:29pm

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