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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2019

Meeting starts at 7:06 pm

Public Safety Committee: Update from Zone 6 Assistant Commander for the East Atlanta beat – Captain Antonio B. Clay II ( Traffic Officer Bianco – traffic detail unit – Patrol higher crime areas, specialized details, warrants. Areas of concern with suspicious individuals during the day, evening, morning watch. Unit does not answer 911 calls; assist with community patrol in higher crime areas. Traffic Numbers over the last 30 days Moreland/Glenwood covers 3 beats) 606, 607, 612 (Traffic citations) 607 – 83 traffic stops, 612 – 89, 606 – 328.

Victim Advocate – Ms. Griffin – Stationed at Zone 6 – Hours 8 – 5 Monday – Friday. Assist victims of assault (domestic violence, rape) Work with CID, temporary protection orders, therapy. Goal is to make victims into victors. Always at the precinct. June 29th @10am Major Vasquez Meet & Greet. Educating community on scooters. Recent arrests – Kenneth Pass – stole furniture off porch 287 Alexa Ave; 72 prior arrests since 1974.  390 Stovall – main area where break-ins take place. Mr. Smith, Mr. Williams, Mr. Booker, 3 more of which are juveniles. Mr. Zachary arrested for driving a stolen vehicle – 224 Glenwood Ave. Q&A- 390 Stovall is an apartment building right off of Moreland. Working with the complex and more patrols. Lean on prosecutors to get arrestees a legitimate trade. There are a few programs (At Promise – for juveniles) / Pad Center for drug users. Don’t be afraid to email Capt. Clay.

Upcoming Town Hall on Thursday – Dekalb County (Shawn Craig) 770-366-6946 Best way to reach -phone 404-371-2425 Q&A – Dekalb county considering land swap with Blackhall Studios – deed states can only be used for greenspace.  Nothing Blackhall does is greenspace. Doesn’t have the entire picture, but happy to relay the information and email EACA President. There was a public meeting. How do you deal with a property that bumps up next to UniD?

Land Use and Zoning Committee – meets last Saturday of each month, 9 am in Branan Towers

Discussion of SAP application from Banshee restaurant and Paces Properties for a new outside bar behind the building (SAP-19-074, 1271 Glenwood Ave SE) Expanding 500ft. SAP have a 21-day turnaround. Only comment is they have not showed how they will meet the parking requirement.  NPU typically puts list. Who owns the building? Ed believes Paces owns the building.

NC2 – Microbreweries & Microdistilleries – 8 requirements for Microbreweries, 9 requirements for Microdistilleries. SAND will hear about it Thursday, NPU at next meeting, Natalyn will provide to City Council and will ultimately go through the same process. Is the prefix Micro significant – licensing at state level limits the amount that can be brewed?  How is this different from Eventide?  Eventide is a manufacturing facility and couldn’t be in EAV.  Pulled from various cities in the country that were working. Is the goal to make sure this is a clean community partner? Alcoholism mitigation – Motion that EACA support change to NC2 Unanimous.

New Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zoning district proposed for the Bouldercrest Triangle’s historic commercial district. Moving forward with an attempt to re-zone 17 parcels zoned C1 or C1C – doesn’t support neighborhood.  Want to move forward with neighborhood commercial zoning. Involves process – mostly paperwork.  Compiling information, reaching out to residents and business owners, legislation to be drafted, political aspect. Want to ensure those that live nearby or in the surrounding area understand and support.

Meeting 6:30-8:30 on 6/25 (First Mt. Pleasant Church or Village Church as back-up) to lay out what C1 and begin to build support for this measure. Please let your neighbors know. Pizza!!!!!! Apartment building can be C1. What measures are important for that node – language specific to the surrounding neighborhood. Pro-business, pro-establishment. Concern that folks will attempt to jump ahead of this effort? Yes. Talk of getting a moratorium in place; being looked into.

Parks and Greenspace Committee: Update on the proposal to exchange a large forested portion of Entrenchment Creek Greenspace for cleared land owned by Blackhall Studios. StopTheSwap is hosting a potluck picnic on June 15th from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Entrenchment Creek Park at the PATH South River Trailhead.  Joe Peery – A few new developments:

BlackHall Studios – bought property that surrounds Entrenchment Creek.  They want to swap 45 – 50 acres to create a giant parking lot and sound stage and give land that has already been cleared.  Parcels they are trying to unload.  Only legal way is for the swap. If this goes through, the woods will be gone and will never come back

Board of Commissioners, Kathy Gannon got them a public meeting at McNair High. Several people showed up and shared concerns. BH is going to continue regardless of the swap. They would lose better land – 20 acres of swampland.  News Story from WSB with BH story. BH has petition with signatures.  Joe has set up a StoptheSwap petition. Good news – 12:30 – 4:30 potluck picnic – social gathering. RC Air Club, Bike on paths and take a look at the land BH is planning to grant. For more info Stop the Swap on FB

Upcoming events: East Atlanta Block Parties – street closures funded by EACA with a grant from the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Culture Affairs.  “M&M Melt” from 4pm to 8pm at the Marbut Ave & McWilliams Ave dogleg on June 15, “Mayhem on Milton Ave” re-scheduled for July 6.

Steve Carr – Beltline had a meeting at community tool bank.  produced map. Ideas – please share with Steve. Thanks to Trees Atlanta help to de-weed the park.  EAKC and Deloitte. East Atlanta Strut is sponsoring fireworks – one show at 9:30pm – looking for volunteers. Civil Rights Tour – last Sunday of this month.

Motion to approve accept finance & minutes

Adjourned 8:07pm

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