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EACA Community Meeting Minutes February 12, 2019

Meeting start at 7:04 pm

Welcome & Announcements – New Neighbors

Public Safety – Sgt. Hines Zone 6

Doing well on crime down 12% from last year; Zone 6 is maintaining. If you see something, do not hesitate to call. Please do not leave anything in your cars – will probably get about 6 this evening. Pretty much all our crime are laptops stolen out of vehicles. Any questions nklotzer, abclay or jhines email anytime night or day

Any information you would like to report. Drivers speeding on Moreland. Light at old Flat Shoals – 311 to report traffic light problems. Sounds like a drag strip on Bouldercrest triangle & Flat Shoals Ave. Once south of that it is DeKalb. 800 block of Flat Shoals. Q: Media reports on elevated crime in Buckhead area – if someone is arrested in DeKalb, which court? A: DeKalb unless it is traffic. Officers being pulled from Zone 6 to assist in higher crime areas. Homicide on Hilburn – knew who it was had fled state but have since been apprehended

Crime updates – – Sarajane Folz

Cell phones pick-up wrong 911. in CoA 404-658-6666 will kick into 911 system

Update on the process to re-start the East Atlanta Business Association – Nate Minor – Economic Dev Chair Rebuild EABA with a roadmap – working with a consultant. 501c 6 Helping to ensure EABA continues 1st meeting, Thur Feb 28th 6 – 8pm location tbd. Business owners and/or community stakeholders Asking for $100 per business. $3K for the consultants. Anything inside the EACA district (WFH, Business operators within EACA District) greater than just brick & mortar stores. C1 properties. Nate can represent his business – his opinion. Consulting process is 3 months. Build off each meeting, she (consultant) will provide roadmap. Once established will need to make decisions. How many business owners involved? Early adopters will be founding members of the new EABA. Under Econ Dev, it is under EACA – Benefits, but more benefits being your own 501c6 would allow EABA to do more. Q: Is there a biz level to EACA? A: No, not currently. East Atlanta businesses can join EACA. Benefits for home business owners – It is your voice

Q: Advantage for Ormewood Park, will not give voting rights but participation and having your voice heard to express biz concerns. Publicize our businesses…want everyone to grow with the support of the community.

Q: Does this include franchise businesses – Yes. Q: Have businesses been invited? A: Nate has distributed flyers. IE Suntrust – in the heart of the village but will probably not join.

Update on Blackhall Studio’s proposed land exchange for part of DeKalb County’s Entrenchment Creek Greenspace EACA letter to DeKalb CEO – a letter from DeKalb County to Arthur Blank – letter went out last month. Deeded for Public Use in perpetuity. 9 acres of the park were swapped in 2007; precedent has been set. Unclear of background. Swapping sets precedent for all greenspace. Asking to pressure Blank Foundation to make the right decision. Ecological implications, Coordinating with other agencies, Proposal on website. Kathie Gannon

Parks & Greenspace Update –

Partnering with Trees Atlanta & Park Pride. 1st Sat of the month 9 – 12. This month cleared out wisteria; replacing with native bamboo. Work to improve trails. Next event is March 2nd. Community Garden – a few private plots coming available. Live wire down in park. GA Power came out and took care of it


Jeanne Fore shared that one of our own from Burgess Peterson Academy was named Teacher of the year – 4th grade

EACA Events

Neighbor in Need 9th Annual Poker Tournament with related new neighbor meet and greet – 3rd Saturday in March. Made ~$3,400 last year

ASW Distillery Whiskey Giveback to Neighbor in Need – April 18th – information on NiN FB page or EACA page

Sarah Dine – new co-chair – events, Christine Schmidt – PM, several postings in newsletter, really working to grow. Guard rails, CO2 monitors, Safety specialist, Corporate Responsibility – HH things NiN cannot do

Tech savvy. If interested, send note to

Intro – Brenda Holley – community outreach

Henry Bryant – Porch Press

Shared information on upcoming area tours. Grab brochure – weekday/weekend tours. Historic buildings/sites

Learn about historic preservation and the history of the city

Land Use and Zoning

New EACA LUZ Committee process

Update on EACA’s appeal concerning the townhome development proposed for the old Earthshaking Music parcel

V-18-300 – 702 Stokeswood Ave SE

Half depth front yard (side yard) Reduce 17.5 to 7 ft; rear yard 15ft to 5.4. Increase accessory structures (not your home) Garage, Shed From 30% of main dwelling. Owner – intention to build a detached garage

Changing zoning. What are the consequences for build and ask forgiveness? Double permit fees and a very firm slap on the wrist. Halfway into the building process and the building inspector is called; could shut you down. Motion to deny 22 / 16 / 7

V-19-015 – 1356 Ormewood Ave SE

Reduce 7ft to 5ft feet to build 2nd story. In original footprint. Mailed info to neighbors, NPU etc. Mike has spoken with several of his neighbors as well. Haven’t heard from any neighbors. Motion to approve

25 / 0 / 9

Z-18-112 – 1834 Braeburn Cir SE

Mr. Buckley – Annexation application – Annexation of ~7 acres from UniD – part of the process is that it needs zoned to MR2 in UniD requesting same designation in CoA. Have turned around rapport with group of neighborhood representatives. Initial ask of 23 parcels – down to 18. No vehicular access on Braeburn Circle. Access from Winthrop. Shared site plan is placeholder site plan. Buffers, onsite parking – do not have final set currently. Will have for full NPU. Goal in EACA meeting is to move forward without. Q&A – What is the downside for waiting 30 days? 60 days – If we work out agreement with immediate neighbors. That position should be what is presented. EG: By NPU have full. MR2 between DeKalb & CoA are different – requesting MR2 conditions based on input from neighbors. What is MR2 – Mixed use retail / classification 2. MR2 is site plan specific – unless they back through again. Will not impair ability. Is there another classification that is more suitable for the lot? Based on the site, ~5 acres are on floodplain and cannot be developed.

RG make motion with 3 conditions – when all 3 are met 36 / 6 / 0 Immediate neighbors and attorneys agree

LUZ (of EACA) look and agree. Conditions that are enforceable. Incorporate the Winthrop people into the Braeburn alliance. Winthrop will have traffic, Braeburn has houses. Q: Have developers met with Winthrop neighbors? No but willing to include in discussions with Braeburn. Q: On annexation, how far does that go? Only the property in question.

Z-18-117 – 820 Flat Shoals Ave SE

Meeting at BPA – Wednesday to discuss at 7pm

Z-19-002 – 1131, 1137 Glenwood Ave SE & 1153 Portland Ave SE (“525 Moreland”)

SW Corner of Moreland/Glenwood – Jesse Clark / Andy S. 8 properties zoned NC2 4 houses zoned SF – Residential. Blank surveys – what would you like to see ~400 responses. Density – medium (highest response)

OP & EA. 5 Community meetings – preserving the Masonic Lodge. 5 Design options – As zoned – scored lowest

Highest scoring – Option 2 preserve one of the houses. 2nd popular – parking garage (most polarizing)

Went with biggest consensus plan. Will need a parking variance with proposed site plan. Construction by EoY – partnership with residential folks. Traffic – left turns from Glenwood into site. Kudos for development team

Motion to approve (site specific) 30 / 0 / 2

    Addressed voting – were those voting EACA members

    Review 2019 proposed budget

    Ralph Green reviewed the proposed 2019 budget

    Motion to adopt financial report and notes

    Closing Remarks and Adjournment    Adjourn 9:04pm   

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