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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2018

EACA Community Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2018
Welcome & Announcements – Lewis Cartee, President
Brownwood Park Workday, April 21
Atlanta Police Department – recognized upon arrival
Georgia Department of Transportation – Update, Samuel Harris, EIT – Traffic Engineer/RTOP Supervisor
Post Legislative Update, Representative Bee Nguyen (House Resolution 1731)
Regional Park and Trail Hub Design, Pavan Ayer (Old Prison Farm)
Land Use & Zoning, Andy Schneggenburger – Chair: V-18-059 1354 McPherson Ave SE, V-18-082 1670 Marbut Ave SE, V-18-057 1761 Glenaire Ct SE
Meeting start at 7:07pm
Welcomes & Announcements
Community Updates
Alex Levy – 18-year resident of EAV. Sat, April 21st – Earth Day weekend. Thinning of the forest in Brownwood Park; native trees need thinning. Hoping to get hands with pruning saws to assist. Clear out space for trees coming this fall from Trees Atlanta. 9 – 12 or 9 – 1 – more information to follow.
New resident welcome
New Business – Brenda Holly – Master Certified Life Coach – May 10th small group. Opportunity to Identify and set goals that are important to woman. Food & Drink will be provided.
Atlanta Police Department – Lt. Ryan – Zone 6 Evening Watch.
City continues to recover from cyber-attack; be mindful of your personal information. If something is out of the ordinary, please contact APD. Be sure to shred documents before disposing of. A lot of package thefts lately. Social Media craze – paintball guns out of moving cars. Do not confront, real gang association and may have real weapons. Morning rush hour cut-through traffic. Flat Shoals, Confederate and Cherokee – APD will continue to monitor.
Under the Dome (Day 20) Post Legislative Update, Representative Bee Nguyen – House Resolution 1731. Completed first legislative session on March 27. Have fully funded K-12 APS will get additional $3.7 Dekalb $9m. $100M in bonds for transportation. Medicaid expansion – will revisit. Elections- SB 363 Voter restriction – did not come to the house floor’; died in senate. SB 403 Voting machines – Issue with bar code & secondary machine. Secretary of State – current/future (conflict of interest) Bipartisan study on elections; by 2020 goal is to have machines. Everything will be same until then. HB 644 Greenhaven – Impact south of East Atlanta; encompassed 300K. Bill sponsor not present; did not get called for vote on house floor. Will come back next year; unclear if there is a lobbyist – cannot track $$. HB 673 Passed Distracted Driving Bill – Initial fine was $300 has since lowered to $50. Will be in law this year – July 1. Allows for hands free? Bee will confirm. Did not pass any gun safety measure this year. HB 541 those charges with domestic violence will need to surrender weapons. Will come up again. Received committee hearing – did not take a vote. HB 999 Mental Health Records – After 5 years. Passed in House / did not pass in Senate. HB 918 Federal Tax Changes – May create windfall for state revenues. BN voted against. SB 485 Affordable Housing – Everyone’s primary residence gets a $15K exemption. Referendum on the ballot. SB 486 Residents over 65 did not pass; anticipate further conversation. HB 930 – Passed bills in House & Senate. Funding mechanism $0.50 on uber. Final version – funding mechanism removed. Regional transit ATL. Mechanism for 13 counties to expand MARTA. As early as 2018 Gwinnett County. Cobb is figuring what they want to do. Unsure about branding and $$$$. The ATL is tied everything. Planning (2) Town Halls one in CoA and Uni Dekalb. Will continue to stay in touch. Under the Dome will go to monthly. Back at regular job until back in session. Everything (excluding tax) has not been signed into law. Presented Resolution to Neighbor in Need.
Georgia Department of Transportation, Update, Samuel Harris, EIT (unable to attend – will join next month) Traffic Engineer/RTOP Supervisor.
Natalyn Archibong: Roundabout at Maynard Terrace – backed up and safety hazard. DOT is considering a roundabout (small). Evaluated and is being highly considered. CoA – on recess. Welcome anyone from Braeburn Circle; ~120 have been annexed into CoA. NA would like to have a gathering to welcome our Braeburn neighbors. Atlanta Heritage Owner Occupied Assistance – Will allow people to do major repairs to their home. Priority to 55+, veterans, +30 years. Up to $30K but need to apply by April 30th. Help your neighbors and friends. Meeting at MLK Natatorium (Memorial/DeKalb) – Reversible lanes, bike lanes. April 18th at 6:30pm. District 5 tire round-up April 21 from 9:00am – 2:00pm; Electronics depot – recycle. Watershed back online for payments – Watershed & DIS harder hit. Some things are working, others are not. Q: Anything on Horizon for Glenwood? Q: Heritage meeting; need Homeowners Insurance to apply. NA will mention. In addition to seniors not having HOA, some issues with being held in probate. NA went back to invest Atlanta, NiN is working so well that maybe NiN could oversee and provide transparency. Paperwork – application submitted for one client was 60 pages (NA will take that back to Invest Atlanta) Resignations – also included Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners. Mayor wants to be careful and thoughtful.
Regional Park and Trail Hub Design Pavan Ayer (Old Prison Farm) – Working with Scott Peterson on designing something to get people’s minds rolling. Located down Moreland (behind Starlight Drive-In). CoA owns – in Uni Dekalb. Been used for dumping and tire burns, dumping in entrenchment creeks, APD using for firing range Believe this should be repurposed into a park. 2004 plans for a park – much more intrusive to the area. Leverage the existing landscape. Q: What do you need? A: Political support, call city council in DeKalb County… awareness of dumping. Q: Tours A: Active on social media – Save the Old Prison Farm – tour dates.
Once every 2 Saturdays for tours. Is the goal to have Dekalb County takes control from CoA; it is going to take a lot of political power. Does the south river trail touch? Raise awareness – South River, entrenchment creek.
Committee Updates
Land Use & Zoning – Meetings 1st Tuesday of the month at Village Church. Full NPU – 4th Wednesday at 7:30pm; Andy can be reached at land Now convening a LUZ Committee for Community Association independent of NPU. EACA Luz Committee Meeting. Look for communication in newsletter when it will be scheduled regularly. Currently 1st Thursday of the month.
V-18-059 1354 McPherson Ave SE – Variance also required for west side setbacks.
V-18-082 1670 Marbut Ave SE – Q: Are they looking to repave (Luke McDonald) Yes, they are looking to repave. Main concern is making sure a fire truck being able to come in/out. 4 modern townhomes. Owner has spoken to folks in the neighborhood. The goal was to build four, but as it sits would be 2. Haven’t discussed price Multi Use trail. Comprehensive development plan represents increase in density in the area. If we want more density in the area we should utilize in a different forum (zoned office/institutional). EACA LUZ voted to deny – health risk being close to I20. 35 ft height limitation. Does the developer own the land? Yes. Very early stages of this – Luke can provide his email and get more from the owner. Motion to support EACA recommend not to approve 29 / 1 / 1.
V-18-057 1761 Glenaire Ct SE – approval contingent upon changing location of the fence. Motion to approve recommendation contingent upon 29 / 1 / 0.
Update – ongoing Saga with 770 Shadowridge. City Council voted down legislation essentially killing the zoning request. Will not be able to come back with another zoning request for 2 years.
Survey – mTAP – Closed down survey on the 6th received over 600 responses Who is PoC on Survey? Dave Pierce
Townhomes on May/Patterson – Andy hasn’t heard anything.
Property with the big chicken is being shopped to developers – where does the chicken go? Any design ideas?
Motion to approve March minutes & spend for March – Approved.
Meeting ended at 8:34pm.

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