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Discovering Carver Market

By Bob Titus
There is some nice stuff happening in south Atlanta, specifically at 1297 Jonesboro Road where it intersects with McDonough Boulevard. There is a nice coffee shop called Middle Ground along with a community bicycle shop, and a multi-use space that serves as a community focal point which has been there for a while. But the best good news is that a really nice neighborhood grocery store called Carver Market has opened there. It is named in honor of the nearby George Washington Carver High School which has been the center of the community for nearly a century.
The Carver Market is clean, bright and has a great efficient selection of fresh produce, some organics, dairy, canned goods, refrigerated and frozen items, and household goods at a very reasonable price. One might think of it as a smaller and perhaps cooler version of Trader what’s-his-name store.
This group of businesses is the latest community development project of Bob Lupton’s non-profit Focused Community Strategies (FCS) Urban Ministries. The businesses developed by FCS provide a place for neighbors to meet, to easily purchase products they need for everyday living, and a place to create neighborhood employment training opportunities in a realistic business setting.
Small markets like this often find it difficult to maintain the fresh product mix due to unpredictable demand and supply chain issues. So if you need an avocado or four, it’s not too far out of the way to try Carver Market, in fact its closer to some parts of southwestern Grant Park than ay Kroger.
While I was there I bought a loaf of bread, a half-pound lunch meats, a quart of milk, an apple, and avocado, and a pare for approximately $7. I had a nice conversation with the employees and other customers there, which was free. I combined this with a good cup of coffee, some sweet carbs, and a newspaper. That’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

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