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Daddy D’z 20 Year Tradition

By Nancy Leighton
When Daddy D’z Barbecue Joint opened up 20 years ago there were not as many restaurants in the neighborhood as there are today. Nearby Grant Park residents satisfied their curiosity about the new business by going in, looking around and ordering something to eat. Pretty soon they were spreading the word among friends and neighbors about how much they enjoyed the food at Daddy D’z. There were some people who were so excited that they called and wrote to the Porch Press telling the paper how much they liked Daddy D’z, and those stories were printed as restaurant reviews.
Daddy D’z is located on Hill Street between Memorial Drive and Martin Luther King Drive. It looks just like you would think a barbecue joint should look like. It’s a small building with an enclosed porch added on, with colorful paintings on the outside and a cut-out metal sign and pig sculpture painted bright colors. It smells like a barbecue joint should smell, too. From mid-morning on, the aromatic hickory wood smoke floats out of the smokestack like fingers reaching out into the street to pull customers in to taste the delicious barbeque style food.
Over the years Daddy D’z has been the feature of many television shows and documentaries. Recently the restaurant has been used for the Tylor Perry movie Meet the Browns. This exposure brings in tourists along with the loyal customers from southeast Atlanta, Inman Park, and downtown.
Daddy D’z has also been a loyal Advertiser in the Porch Press. Thank You.

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