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Clarence Blalock Opposing Marjorie Taylor Greene for U.S. House Seat

By Clarence Blalock
I am currently running to unseat Republican U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as a Democrat in Georgia’s 14th congressional district. You may remember that I ran to represent you on the Atlanta City Council in 2021. I was born in Atlanta, and I hold it dear to my heart, but I now live in Pauling County in the 14th district. You don’t have to live in the district to run, however. I know it is going to be very challenging to beat her, but we need all Democrats to come out and vote in the coming presidential election, and the people who don’t like Greene need someone to vote for. My latest video is at Take a look.

The Presidential primary election will take place on March 12; Georgia’s State primary will take place on May 21.

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