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Beaty Awarded for Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts

By Sam P. Williams
East Atlanta resident and 3rd-degree black belt Renard Beaty has been chosen to receive an award for Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts. As an awardee, Kyo Sah Nim Beaty will be inducted as an Ambassador to the Martial Arts, an honor granted by one of the largest and most prestigious Martial Arts Hall of Honor in the World.
Mr. Beaty, owner and Head Instructor of Kick Start Martial Arts (KSMA), a full-service martial arts studio located at 749 Moreland Avenue, started KSMA in 2007 and moved it to its present location in 2015. Since the school’s inception, Mr. Beaty has taught over 400 students of various ages with a goal of instilling critical life skills that lead to success including leadership, self-respect, and confidence, as well as a high level of physical fitness.
Mr. Beaty started his own martial arts journey at age 16 while he was a hurdler in high school. “I wanted to do well, but I was also afraid of becoming injured while hurdling. I wanted to become more mentally disciplined and less anxious but didn’t know how. My track coach recommended I take martial arts because he recognized my greatest barrier was my own fear. I found an instructor who was known for his skills and no-nonsense approach and belief that success comes from hard work, not unfounded praises. After I started training, I became more confident and started winning the majority of my races and even setting a few records. I continued the training through college and believe it has contributed to other achievements including finishing my Masters of Science in Training Development and receiving awards as a corporate trainer.”
One of his primary goals is to enable his students to develop the skills of self-control, discipline, and the confidence to exhibit leadership by giving them the opportunity to lead and teach classes. He also encourages the youth to command respect by modeling the skills which colleges and recruiters are looking for.
Mr. Beaty said, “One of the greatest experiences for me as an instructor is to see a student working hard and achieving the skills that they struggled to learned. The experience transforms that student into a different person. You cannot give a child self-esteem. The only true way a child gets self-esteem is when they know they have worked hard on a difficult task. It always amazes me when I see that transformation. They take what they learned and apply those gifts to everything they do. Learning NOT to quit is a skill and my mission is to help kids understand and believe that.” While teaching children as young as 5, he also has a growing number of families that train together, with classes and instruction for all levels.
Kyo Sah Nim Beaty holds a 3rd-degree black belt and is a master instructor candidate under Grand Master Sung Soo Kim and Tong Hwan Kim. He was granted certified instructor status by Chief Grand Master Tong Mun Kim, president of Global Tang Soo Doo Association and Hall of Fame inductee.
If you would like more information about martial arts training offerings at KSMA, please contact Mr. Beaty at 404-664-3485 or via email at

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