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BATL Civil War To Civil Rights Living History

by Henry Bryant

The BATL organization has taught the rest of Atlanta about the relationship between the American Civil War and America’s Civil Rights movement. This year we are commemorating both the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta and the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. We live in a unique city that played a big part in our nation’s history regarding both the Civil War and Civil Rights. BATL’s Civil War to Civil Rights Program will bring characters from history to life in the East Atlanta Village for most of the day on July 19th near 450 Flat Shoals Ave.

Carrie Berry, Carrie Steele Logan, Mayor Calhoun, the Rev. James Tate, Donald Lee Hollowell and representatives of the 54th Massachusetts (colored) troops will be on hand to tell their stories and help connect the chapters of our history.

All of the programs will be offered for free. For more information or schedule of these programs go to or call 404-377-6148.

July 19, 2014

Civil War to Civil Rights Tent, near 450 Flat Shoals Ave.

10:30am – 5pm


10:30 –   Life in the War Zone

Robert Mable story, farm boy, soldier, prison guard

Slave narrative – Josie Bailey

 Women soldiers –

Carrie Berry’s diary –

Mary Gay, “Dealing with the Yankies”

Mayor Calhoun surrenders the Atlanta

11:30 –   The Business Side of Atlanta

Rev. James Tate, “Father of Black Business in Atlanta” 1870

Carrie Steel Logan orphanage

Lloyd Adair, Atlanta street car conductor “tales of the rails”

12 NoonThe African American soldier through history

Joshua Washington and representatives from the 54th of Massachusetts

Civil War spies – The Pinkerton Agent, the beginning of the Secret Service

Soldier’s letters

2:00Abe Lincoln from self-taught lawyer and politician…

 through his years as President. Dennis Boggs becomes Abe

2:30Black Confederate

Atlantan Ina Evan’s grandfather served in the Atlanta Campaign

3:00Civil Rights

The Pullman Porter

Arthur Idlett, Atlanta Black Crackers baseball player

Senator Helen Mankin 1946 victory over the Klan

Ernestine Brown as Attorney Constance Baker-Motley

before The Supreme Court

“We stand with you,” Jewish support in the struggle

4:00Akbar Imhotep portrays civil rights icon Donald Lee Hollowell

“The man who went up against ‘the man.’”

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