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ANCS Student Talks Pandemic Challenges on National Public Radio

By Robert M. Sarwark

On Saturday, January 15, an interview aired between Izzy Peoples, a sixth-grade student at Grant Park’s Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS) and NPR’s Weekend Edition host Scott Simon. In the five-minute segment, which was broadcast on all NPR affiliate stations throughout the United States, Ms. Peoples responded to Mr. Simon’s questions regarding the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on her, her family, and her life in general.

“Just know that we — like, it’s hard for us to be in this situation,” said Peoples. “But we are smart about things. We know what is happening.”

“What do you hope we take out of these days?” asked Simon shortly thereafter. “What do you think we’ve learned?”

“I hope we learned that we have to work together to, like, get through stuff,” replied Peoples, “because if we don’t, then catastrophe will happen.”

Mr. Simon had previously spoken on air with Ms. Peoples almost two years prior, at the start of the pandemic in 2020, when she was in the fourth grade.

Find the complete interview, including a transcript, here:

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