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An Interview with Adrienne Tatum, Director of I Love Dance!

By Lauren Hise
I Love Dance! Is an on-site dance and gymnastics instruction company offering weekly classes and summer camps in Baby Love’s Studio in Grant Park.
Q : What prompted you to explore the art of dance?
A: Thank goodness for my mother! She insisted that I take dance classes at the age of three. Little did we know it would become a life-long career.
Q: What do you love most about dance?
A: I love dance because it is a universal language anyone can understand – even when they’re very young.
Q: Why is dance beneficial for young children? What does dance teach them?
A: Dance benefits children and adults of all ages, but taking dance between the ages of three to five paves a solid foundation for more advanced/structured classes by teaching discipline and perseverance. Of course poise, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle are also important benefits.
Q: Is dance only for girls? How early can a child begin dance classes?
A: No! My students ask me this question all the time. Boys taking dance is becoming more mainstream with the popularity of musicals, hip-hop, and break dancing. Dance also enhances athletes by fine tuning motor skills and improving balance. Many professional male athletes are no stranger to a ballet class. Dance lessons can begin as early as two and a half.
To learn more about ongoing dance and gymnastics classes and July summer camps, please visit or call (404) 492-0136.

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