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Moreland Avenue Improvements to Begin

By Brent Huff

You may have noticed the “Road Work Ahead” signs being installed on streets that connect to Moreland Avenue. The GA Department of Transportation (GDOT) has scheduled the repaving of Moreland Avenue to start in April. The project will extend from Key Road (just below Starlight Drive-in) to Wade Street (at Edgewood Kroger). The contractor is required to finish by August but according to GDOT the finish should come sooner. They are discussing scraping deeper to restore a little of the old highway curbing.

The South Moreland Ave Working Group (SMAWG) has been in discussions with GDOT and ATLDOT for more than a year to incorporate safety features into this project. Any work on Moreland Avenue is complicated because: it is a state road, divides two counties, and touches multiple NPUs, City Council districts, and neighborhoods. SMAWG members represent SAND, EACA, Thomasville Heights, NPU-W, NPU-Z and work to speak with a unified voice on behalf of the directly impacted neighborhoods.

Some of the safety features being advocated include: speed reduction, pedestrian crosswalks with safety islands and PHB’s (flashing lights to stop traffic), sidewalk replacement and maintenance, planted medians, full curb restoration, replacement of the Entrenchment Creek bridge, and other improvements. 

How can you help? Please contact your City Council representative (Jason Winston, or Liliana Bakhtiari, and request they support the work of SMAWG with GDOT. None of these changes are a done deal, and community input/support matters!