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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – April 9, 2019

Meeting start at 7:07pm

Public Safety (Police): Introducing the new Zone 6 Assistant Commander for the East Atlanta beat – Captain Antonio B. Clay II ( best way to get into contact. Don’t wait to build up! Clean car campaign – Do not leave valuables in vehicle; over 2k zone 6 – 519. Citizen’s Police Academy – May 7 applications available. Crime Updates – Last month robberies (454 Flat Shoals / 1280 Portland) Responsible for another 4 robberies in the city – off the streets. Witness was able to give accurate description. Motorcycles in VV plaza. Partnering with other agencies, participants and plaza owners. Will keep everyone posted. Need to come up with a better solution. Going to do the community policing. GSP can chase APD, DeKalb cannot. We have a vested interest and are going to do more to help! Biz cards are provided at the meeting, do not hesitate to reach out – don’t wait! Q: Flat Shoals drag racing between 10:00pm to 2:00am A: Probably same ATVers; working on solution and doing their best. VV owner is String Realty.

East Atlanta Beer Fest: EABF –Sat, May 18 in the Farmer’s Market space – Motion to approve – passed unanimously. Q: With the move, how is it going to be different. A: More of a VIP experience, high quality beer. The footprint of FM will work better. More to come. $85 – $100. Q: What is space size or occupancy load A: Does not have on hand. Space could accommodate ~100.

Bee Nguyen Update – Hannah Perkins – Bee’s Chief of Staff: Legislative update shared and also sent via email. 40 consecutive days – ended last week. SB15 – Keeping GA schools safe – report suspicious activity directly to law enforcement. Requires public schools to create school safety plans and to designate “school safety coordinators.” Though the intent of this bill is to protect students from mass shootings and terrorism, the requirement to report “reasonable suspicion” of criminal activity is overly broad and creates harmful unintended consequences for students. Bee spoke against this bill on the floor because the mandatory police reporting provision would reinforce the school-to-prison pipeline and conflicts with all of the work our state has done on positive behavioral intervention and positive school climate. The bill passed by a vote of 110 to 56. This will now move onto the Governor’s desk for his signature, or a veto. SB48 – Dyslexia; identification of and support for students in pre-kindergarten through second grade – tackle early helps K – 3 (passed). Declared opposition for offshore drilling (passed) SB77 – State Flag, Seal, and other Symbols; additional protections for government statues; prohibits removing and placing in museum, cemetery, etc. Anyone who damages any monument is liable for 30%. Abortion Bill – bans all in GA after 6 weeks – narrowly passed in house. Increasing age for minor marriage laws, Pimping laws, Patients 1st act – Gov Kemp healthcare initiative. Would cover 240K Georgians. Any questions – Hannah will be around until end of meeting.

Upcoming Events

Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden’s Orchard 10th Anniversary Celebration – co-hosted by Georgia Organics at BPA, Fri. April 12 – Free fruit tree care class led by Robby Astrove from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, then games and community potluck from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

EACA Neighbor Meet and Greet event – during the BPA Garden event, 5:00pm to 7 pm, EACA will provide Organic Garden herb mocktails and EACA’s Education Chair and the BPA GO Team will grill veggie burgers.

East Atlanta Easter Egg Hunt – cohosted by East Atlanta Kids Club and by EACA’s East Atlanta Parents Network, in Brownwood Park, Sat. April 13 from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Egg hunt starts at 11:00am.

EACA’s Neighbor in Need – East Atlanta “Whiskey Giveback” fundraiser – at ASW Distillery, Thurs., April 18th,4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Similar to a BPA dine out.

East Atlanta Block Parties – street closures funded by EACA with a grant from the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Culture Affairs. May on May Avenue on May 4 and Mayhem on Milton Avenue on June 8.

East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market – update from Sam Gader ( Opening this Thursday, April 11 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. East Atlanta Llamas, vintage tractors, BPA steel drum band. Cool vendors, strawberry vendors, coffee juices, new cleaning product company. Prioritizing kids’ activities and hot food vendors. Vouchers for $5 off.

Land Use and Zoning Committee: Vote on Z-18-33 1640 Flat Shoals Ave SE (amended) – a/k/a Grace Street extension. Around awhile; amended once. Have not voted in EACA. PDH – application did not change; only zoning categorization. Increase in density; illegal subdivision. Motion to deny – unanimous. President is primary correspondent for EACA at ZRB. EG will make inquiry on time and place. Vote on Z-19-002 1131 & 1137 Glenwood Ave SE and 1153 Portland Ave SE (amended) – a/k/a 525 Moreland Affordable Housing developer – added residential square footage to footprint 42 units. Added 4th floor – corner of Portland and Moreland. Masonic Lodge does not change. House for commercial/office use does not change. Townhomes does not change. Portland stays at 3 stories. 4th floor on Moreland frontage (frames courtyard). Maintained low density residential buffer; continue to preserve lodge. Asking for rezoning of 4 parcels all zone single family residential – need rezoned to MRC1 which would allow for commercial use, attached family use and parking for the rest of the development. Short on parking will need variance for ~19 spaces. Variance for brand new commercial requirement for street level. Variance for height limitation – any development within 100ft can be now higher than 35ft. Due to 4th floor. Usable open space.

Q: Cannot do Affordable Housing with 3 floors – AH is income verified – strict regulatory structure. $26K – $53K a year based on different family sizes. Q: How long is affordable housing last A: 30 years. Q: Why MRC Q: What is commercial sq. footage? Different for different biz. Q: Has this been presented to SAND? A: Multiple times – this Thurs. as SAND. 11 – 0 – 1 at NPU in favor of project. Ground level commercial on Moreland. Motion to approve – unanimously passed.

Re-write of Atlanta’s tree ordinance – information from Margaret Spalding, Kathryn Kolb, and Jennifer Murray. Kathryn Kolb – Naturalist (Eco Addendum) shared presentation on Georgia Canopy. Margaret – City in the Forest. #1 concern is the ordinance. Re-writing is priority. Better balance between city growing and remnants. Support 4-step plan and let your decision makers know. Questions on filing complaints – City in the Forest can assist. Sign up for newsletter. EcoA – leads walks. 839 Flat Shoals – every tree has been cleared. 43 ft tall townhomes. 820 Flat Shoals Ave / Bouldercrest – 6 acres – Thrive is getting ready to build 22 houses on the residential portion. High value trees. April 23 and 24 (see flyer).

Replacement of garbage bins – Mayor committed to repairing potholes – please call 311. Message on FB works well. Q: Earthshaking building – nothing happening. Under appeal in Superior Court. Until City finishes record, nothing will happen.

Parks and Greenspace Committee: Update on EACA’s partnership with Trees Atlanta in Brownwood Park – Alex Levy. Slow erosion of invasive plants in Brownwood Park. Continuing to remove and planting natives and introducing more natives. Removing non-native bamboo / native bamboo on Pendleton. P&G goal is to work with city to improve the unpaved trails on the south end of the park. Wood chips end of soaking up water creating a muddy mess. 1st Saturday of the month from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Update on the bench/greenspace dedication at the Cloverdale-Oakfield triangle – Margaret Spalding. Bench dedication next Saturday on April 20 with cookout to follow.

Update on the process to re-start the East Atlanta Business Association. Nate Minor – Economic Dev Chair Review meeting of last two meeting scheduled tomorrow. Small group review with final presentation on May 8 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm at OxWork and 7:00 to 8:00pm networking session. Asking for 5 – 7 business owners to talk about 1st year. 30 original founding members at $100 which has covered the cost of the consultant. Any questions, reach out to Nate at

Nancy Hennessey nominated and won as Community Hero. Tire round-up this Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm at Charm – Electronic disposable day at VV. BPA talent show.

Motion to adopt financial report and notes

Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Adjourn 8:39pm